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Bolsonaro and Lula take electoral battle to the NFTs market


With less than two months to go before the presidential election in Brazil, the dispute between the two candidates with the highest scores in polls is entering an unprecedented field: NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

At OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Lula (PT) are inspiring a series of digital artworks.

The search for the term “Bolsonaro” returns 2,646 items. The most expensive is a piece critical of the current president: a drawing of a clown with a presidential sash, entitled “Bolsonaro Bozo”, with a minimum bid of 22 ETH, the equivalent of about R$215,000.

The author of this work seems to aim more at the rejection than the approval of politicians. “Bolsonaro Bozo” is part of a collection called “Presidenciáveis”, which has two other works: a parody by Michel Temer (“Temer Vampirão”) and another by Lula (“Lula imprisoned politico”). PT’s image is even more expensive, with a minimum bid of 30 ETH, or R$293,000.

In the most expensive price scale of NFTs on Bolsonaro, a poster of the president with a minimum bid of 17 ETH, or R$ 166 thousand, appears next.

See below:

The search for “Lula” is more complicated, as it ends up presenting many works that are not about the candidate (along with the hundreds of works about the PT candidate, from works about a character from the SpongeBob cartoon to abstract illustrations).

Two works on the former president are noteworthy for their price. The most expensive are images of stamps made with a caricature, with bids of 14 ETH (R$ 136.8 thousand); next comes a collection of virtual shirts called “U2 supports Lula president”, with starting prices of 13 ETH (R$ 127 thousand).

See below:

Bolsonaro in saturated colors

Other pieces on display at OpenSea draw attention for their colors. In the area of ​​President Jair Bolsonaro, a series made by the artist “crntecnologia“ stands out: there are three images with a color saturation treatment of Bolsonaro in a speech with the coat of arms of the Republic and the flag of Brazil on the back.

All are being sold for a minimum bid of 0.1 ETH (R$980) and interested parties have until January 9, 2023 to make a proposal. These NFTs are registered on the Polygon blockchain.

Bolsonaro’s three NFTs that are listed by the highest minimum bid on OpenSea (Photo: Reproduction/OpenSea)

Lula a la Warhol

The former president, on the other hand, highlights an illustration that copies Andy Warhol’s reproduction technique: several squids in separate quadrants, with different contrasts and colors – the same image used in the virtual shirts of the aforementioned collection)

The work is by the artist henriquesatriani and has a minimum bid of 0.01 ETH (R$ 97). Proposals can be made until the 10th of September and registration is on the Polygon blockchain.

Work with the image of a younger squid goes back to a technique created by Andy Warhol (Photo: Reproduction/OpenSea)

Bet on polarization

But the works of OpenSea suggest that one of the keys to winning engagement is instilling antagonisms. It is something that seems to inspire the user “BrasilCare”, responsible for the Lula vs Bolsonaro collection.

There are 263 items that shoot in all directions. The basis is the same: a drawing of politicians. What changes is the setting and the clothing of both. Several are obvious: Lula with a badge of the Unified Health System and Bolsonaro with the flag of Brazil, for example.

But what is interesting for the creator seems to be the bet on chaos: Lula with Bolsonaro’s shirt and vice versa, or even an image of the current president with a flag in the colors of the LGBTQI+ movement: an identity agenda from which the politician shows otherwise.

“BrasilCare” Collection bets on the shuffling of the signs of each candidate (Photo: Reproduction/OpenSea)

The vast majority of the articles in this collection have a minimum bid of 0.009 ETH (R$ 87) and the deadline for proposals ends between December 22nd and 26th of this year.



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