Blockchain technology is today the technological engine to create new products, both for the financial system and for other industries, or sectors that need to exchange value and information. This technology acts as a distributed database that records value exchanges, in the form of different virtual assets, in a transparent and immutable way, between different users. These benefits granted by the Blockchain are beginning to be adopted by public service companies that allow the adoption of natural resource tokenization systems, optimizing their consumption. The case of AySA shows a successful implementation of Blockchain technology. Together with Koibanx, the pioneer fintech company in tokenization of blockchain assets and payments in Latin America, it created the EcoAySA program, an “eco token” of the company that is integrated into merchant payment and discount channels. Thanks to the Koibanx core tokenization platform, this program could be executed in just three months. EcoAySA grants benefits and discounts to users, while encouraging them to have a more responsible consumption of natural resources. It allows tracking customer consumption and rewarding them in a transparent and secure way thanks to the possibilities that the use of blockchain technology allows. In this case, it will be able to provide benefits to more than 9 million people in a controlled manner. In this way, the public company will be able to reduce its environmental impact.
“It is a pride that from Argentina we are seeing innovation of this caliber, applying the benefits of Blockchain technology to represent exchanges of value with a multi-industry approach. Especially, in something as important as the environment. First world countries have already implemented solutions such as  Planet Watch  , where the Algorand Blockchain (same protocol adopted in EcoAySA) is used to receive rewards for actions with a positive impact on air quality”,  mentions Leo Elduayen, CEO and Co- Founder of Koibanx, company responsible for creating the program for AySA.

About Koibanx

Koibanx provides technology infrastructure for asset tokenization and payment processing. Its SaaS platform helps financial institutions profitably reach and onboard new merchants and user segments by reducing processing fees and crediting time by up to 60%. By connecting the Koibanx platform to their existing infrastructure, our clients benefit from not only transacting new types of assets, but also real-time transactional data to better target their users. Whether you are a bank looking to enter new segments, a credit company looking to increase your profit margin, or a union looking for virtual payment methods for your associates, you can take advantage of our platform and the benefits of Blockchain technology to do so. More information:


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