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Bitcoin resumed its bullish movement after ten days and surpassed the $ 9,001.90 at 6:03 pm on Monday (27), up 4.3% on the day.

In Brazil, cryptocurrency reached R $ 37,584, according to the IPB. The rise in the real price had a slight help from the dollar, which closed today at R $ 4.21, the highest price of the last two months.

The BTC now accumulates a 24% increase in 2020. The rally started on January 2, starting at US $ 6,900 and reaching US $ 9,000 in the following two weeks. From the 17th to the 25th the cryptocurrency had a drop of 8% but rose again on Sunday (26), with the continuation of the high this Monday.

Bitcoin and gold on the rise, falling stock market

With the Coronavirus crisis, the stock markets in the world are operating in a downturn. The S&P closed down 1.56% and Nasdaq lost 1.89% while the Ibovespa had the worst daily performance of the year, with a fall of 3.29%. In Europe, the main exchanges fell more than 2%. In Asia, the Japanese Nikkei stock index fell 2.03%.

In the opposite direction, Gold appreciated 0.69% on the day while Bitcoin was up 4%.

Bitcoin has maintained a correlation with gold when it comes to the search for a protective asset. The same happened in trade disputes between the USA and China.

Top cryptocurrencies on the rise

Following Bitcoin, the day was one of appreciation for the main cryptocurrencies in the market.

Ethereum is up 1.85% and Ripple is up 1.38%. The biggest highlights are Bitcoin SV with 9.08% and Ethereum Classic with 12.2%.

Cardano and EOS also had strong gains of 7.29% and 8.07%.

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has also returned to close to $ 250 billion, the highest level in 2020.

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