The week started with a slight appreciation for Bitcoin. In addition to a small advance, a rise in the dollar boosted the value in Reais of BTC.

Most altcoins showed appreciation, with only a few falling back.

In turn, Ibovespa operates with a decrease of 2.24%.

According to data obtained by the Coinmarketcap tool, BTC advanced 0.68% in the last 24 hours from the writing of this article, currently quoted at R $ 50,107.46.

The intraday maximum, considering the current dollar rate, was recorded at R $ 50,443.84 – slightly above the current quote. Meanwhile, the intraday low was recorded at R $ 49,185.90.

Altcoins breathe

Most altcoins appreciated this Monday, June 29th.

In the top 10, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Coin appreciated their respective 1.03%, 1.21% and 3.63%. On the other hand, XRP and EOS declined, respectively, 1.03% and 0.60%.

The top 20 crypto assets underwent the same scenario. group also stumbled. Tron, Cardano and Neo advanced respective 2.57%, 4.07% and 1.47%.

The only cryptocurrency of the group in decline was Tezos, which slipped 0.52%. The rest of the group grew between 0.30% and 1.21%.

Until the closing of this article, the total value of the crypto market was R $ 1.41 trillion. The dominance of BTC is 64.9%.


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