Deputy Aureo Ribeiro (SD-RJ),
(Photo: Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies)

Federal deputy Aureo Ribeiro, responsible for the Cryptocurrency CPI, will be one of the main speakers at CriptoZoom, an event that will be held on March 31 in São Paulo by Bitcoin Portal.

According to the curators of the event, Ribeiro was invited to speak not only about the probable CPI, but also about his experience in the debates on PL 2303/2015, the main bill on cryptocurrencies in Congress and which is his own.

With the theme "Cryptoeconomics: Digital Assets and New Technologies", in what concerns cryptocurrencies and the future of money, CriptoZoom will also receive, as keynote speaker, the market analyst and advisor to the CVM Board of Directors Isac Costa.

Legal and regulatory issues at CriptoZoom

The lectures by CryptoZoom will address changes in the economic landscape, as well as new organizational patterns that have been discussed and established since the arrival of bitcoin. The role of the Central Bank and CVM in the new sector will also be discussed.

“The goal is to make an event that contributes to the ecosystem through debates about legal and regulatory issues and trends in cryptoeconomics in Brazil”, says Regina Crespo, curator of the event.

O CryptoZoom it will also count as expert speakers on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, startups and asset management. Are they:

  • Bruno Diniz, co-founder of the consulting firm Spiralem and director of the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups);

More names will be confirmed soon.

About CriptoZoom

Date: March 31, 2020

Hour: 08h30 to 18h

Place: Developer Hub – Rua Oscar Freire, 2379, Pinheiros – São Paulo

Tickets: R $ 270 (until 29/02)

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