hi, a newcomer to Brazil with an app in the crypto bank model, announced that it will participate in the celebrations of Bitcoin Pizza Day, celebrated on May 22. According to a statement from the company, a special action will be carried out for its Brazilian members.

More precisely, the company will distribute Bitcoin to users who “promote” the company on social media:

“The 100 followers of the hi_português community, on Telegram, who post the infographic of hi about Bitcoin Pizza Day on their Instagram or Twitter feeds, in addition to tagging @hi_portugues, will receive an amount of $15 in Bitcoin on their account. platform, which is equivalent to the value of a pizza in Brazil.”

hi joins Bitcoin Pizza Day

Founded in 2021 in Singapore by Sean Rach, former chief marketing officer of Crypto.com, hi aims to promote financial inclusion and democratize blockchain technology in the country.

For this, it offers an application with services and features for carrying out transactions and investments in crypto-assets.

According to Sean Rach, the campaign tends to move and strengthen the company’s followers in the country.

“The main focus of the campaign is to encourage proximity and engagement between hi and our community in the country. In this way, we gain strength to expand our horizons in the national crypto market”, said the executive.

Reinforcement of entry into Brazil

The company also said that it will take advantage of Bitcoin Pizza Day to reinforce its entry into Brazil.

For this, it will mobilize a team of ten prominent influencers in the national market. Over the course of four weeks, they will bring content about the company and its products, with video posts on their profiles and through @gamefygg.

“Our goal is to make hi better known in Brazil and present the facilities that our services offer, especially for new investors, who want to enter the crypto market, but still have their reservations. We want to help educate and show how easy it is to operate, trade and profit from cryptocurrency transactions,” reinforces Rach.

About the historic Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day is an annual celebration held every May 22. The commemoration alludes to the first commercial transaction involving Bitcoin.

It all started on May 22, 2010, on the famous Bitcointalk forum. Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer from Florida, UA, created a post asking who could sell him their pizzas for Bitcoins.

The amount offered was no less than 10,000 BTC.

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