The Federal Police of Rio de Janeiro organized a mega security scheme on Wednesday (25) to carry out the transfer of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the creator of the financial pyramid GAS Consultoria, to his new home: the Federal Penitentiary of Catanduvas, in Paraná.

Images taken by Bitcoin portal with the PF show the businessman, also known as the “Bitcoin Pharaoh”, leaving the Bangu 1 prison, in Rio de Janeiro, where he had been held since August 2021 after being arrested in the Kryptos operation. The police escorting him display machine guns, shotguns, camouflage suits and bulletproof vests.

The photos and videos show that the PF had to allocate a large number of agents and vehicles to coordinate Glaidson’s transfer. He left Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday escorted by agents from the Special Operations Service (SOE) and the Recapture Division (Recap) of the Rio de Janeiro security secretariat, to Galeão Air Force Base. From there, he traveled with a Federal Police plane to the interior of Paraná.

In the images it is also possible to see Glaidson thinner than when he entered the prison. According to information from the newspaper O Globo, the businessman has lost about 20 kilos since he was arrested.

Images show Glaidson before and after arrest (Reproduction/O Globo)

Glaidson’s regime may have started after correctional officers ended the privileges that the Pharaoh had in prison. Inside, he received a series of irregular visits, including public officials. Visitors brought him a series of treats, ranging from cell phones to pieces of sirloin steak.

It was these and other infractions by Glaidson, accused of corrupting correctional officers to operate freely, which motivated his prison transfer. Pharaoh’s legal defense tried to use alleged health problems to stop the transfer, but that didn’t work.

The Glaidson Transfer

By releasing the above images on Instagram, the PF explained the reason for the transfer and change of chain. “The court’s decision responds to a request by the State Public Ministry’s Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (GAECO/MPRJ), after verifying that the prisoner received unregistered visits and cell phones in the prisons where he was held in Rio de Janeiro. January.”

The transfer request was made by the TJ-RJ judge, Marcello Rubioli, and accepted by the Federal Judge of Paraná, Paulo Sérgio Ribeiro. The TJ-RJ has seen evidence that Glaidson continues to lead his criminal organization from prison, even corrupting state agents in the process.

According to an investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Glaidson “is indisputably the leader of a criminal organization that, despite the imprisonment of most of its members, still operates violently corrupting state agents.”

In addition to the theft of money from thousands of customers by the GAS financial pyramid, the Pharaoh is also accused of being the leader of an organization that monitored and murdered rivals in the cryptocurrency market, as shown by audios obtained by the authorities.

Bitcoin pharaoh goes to popular jury

The Justice of Rio de Janeiro decided at the end of December that the creator of GAS Consultoria will go to a popular jury on charges of aggravated homicide for the practice of exterminating human beings.

As described in the sentence, “Bitcoin Pharaoh”, “Papai”, “Boss” and “01” — all names by which Glaidson is called — is accused of having two people killed: Wesley Pessano Santarem and Adeilson José da Costa, who survived to attempted murder.

The motivation for the crimes, says the complaint offered by the Public Ministry, was that both worked in the same branch as GAS Consultoria in the Lagos Region, in Rio de Janeiro, and were considered competitors.

Such crimes were committed before Glaidson was arrested under Operation Kryptos in August 2021. At the time, other members of the scheme were arrested, while some managed to escape the police and flee Brazil, such as Glaidson’s wife, Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Zerpa .

GAS Consultoria attracted clients with promises of income that supposedly would come from the cryptocurrency trade. Later, its operating model was revealed to be a financial pyramid, which triggered a series of investigations by Brazilian authorities.

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