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While experts are not sure whether people should buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, they are confident that the Collateral Network is worth investing in.
Should you buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? Collateral Network receives buy recommendation from analysts

With so much uncertainty surrounding both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it is unclear which is the best buy for investors. However, they do agree on a specific token – the Collateral Network (COLT).

With its innovative real-world utility and services, the Collateral Network has excellent projections of 500% gains even though it is still in the process of public pre-sale.


Collateral Network outshines both BTC and BCH

The Collateral Network is the first DeFi platform to allow users to borrow money using real-world assets as collateral. In addition, it is also possible to fund loans and get a passive income stream in return. And thanks to that, many believe that the Collateral Network has the potential to revolutionize the lending industry and completely change the way we deal with loans today.

Through the Collateral Network, borrowers can place various physical assets as collateral, such as watches, fine wines, real estate, diamonds, jewelry, etc., to secure loans. Collateral Network will mint the asset into an NFT and sell it in order to raise funds for the loan. Lenders will then be able to buy small fractions of the NFT 100% “digitized” (fractional loan) and earn passive income in the form of fixed interest payments.


Both lenders and borrowers can benefit from a number of other features and services with the Collateral Network. For example, receiving fixed passive income, making loans against secure NFTs backed by physical assets from the repression world that can be sold in private auctions, discounts on trading/loan fees, receiving funds within 24 hours and much more.

Collateral Network has already been making very interesting gains, providing 40% returns to COLT holders, even though the token is still in pre sale. Experts believe that the token is ready for a further rise of 3500% before entering some brokerages, and once you enter, plus a gain of about 100x would wait for COLT holders.

Should You Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Now?

To answer this question, let’s analyze what Arthur Hayes, formerhead from BitMEX, says about Bitcoin. Namely, earlier this year, Hayes claimed that Bitcoin would rise in 2023 towards new highs. However, recently, the executive went back, changing his opinion and revealing that did not believe that Bitcoin would reach a new high in 2023.

This puts Bitcoin holders and investors in a moral quandary. However, most are following Hayes’ words and gradually selling their positions.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $27,709.77, down 1.67% over the last 24h. Furthermore, trading volume is plummeting, falling by 6.10% and 2.24% respectively. Therefore, it seems that BTC is not the best choice at the moment.


How is Bitcoin Cash now?

As BTC is facing a more negative range of sentiment, analysts are considering Bitcoin Cash as the better investment between the two. Not long ago, Bitcoin Cash had a major update, allowing any developer to create tokens on the Bitcoin Cash network. Thus, this new update brought an optimistic feeling for Bitcoin Cash, which is why it has been considered a better option against BTC at the moment.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been trading at $115.02, down 1.37% over the last 24h. However, the recent bullish sentiment can be seen in the increase in Bitcoin Cash trading volume – 9.48% in the last 24h. So, right now, Bitcoin Cash is the winner of the battle against Bitcoin.

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