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The cryptocurrency broker Mercado Bitcoin announced on Friday (27) the creation of a public wallet to collect donations in bitcoin for Hospital de Cirurgia de Sergipe and support the entity in the fight against coronavirus in the State.

The goal is to collect ten bitcoins, which will be used to help expand the ICU sector (Intensive Care Unit), with the opening of ten new beds. Because it is a public wallet, anyone can see how much has been donated.

The institution, which is in the capital Aracaju, is a philanthropic entity founded in 1926 and that serves patients through the Unified Health System (SUS). And it needs help to expand its ICU beds to face the pandemic.

“They need at least ten new ICU beds to be prepared. Certainly the virus will grow in the State and that is why we are trying to do our part, helping in this delicate moment for the whole country ”, explains Fabricio Tota, director of the Bitcoin Market, in a note sent to the press.

Balance released this Friday by the Ministry of Health informs the record of 3,417 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Brazil, with 92 people killed. So far Sergipe accounts for 16 cases.

The current CEO of the exchange, Reinaldo Rabelo, is from Aracaju and decided to promote the campaign – most common in large urban centers – to help his homeland. Hence the choice for the location.

Call to market

The brokerage itself kicked off, allocating two bitcoins to the public portfolio. She also pledged to publicize the donation receipt shortly on social media. And it calls on other players in the crypto market and customers to join the campaign.

The address of the public wallet is 38zV1uySXgv4NLueuJxpXsf3sABR6VFBQs and any company or individual who wishes to contribute can transfer the amount of bitcoins they wish.

If the target of ten bitcoins is exceeded, the Bitcoin Market will allocate donations to other institutions, which can sign up to receive by email (email protected) The information will be evaluated by the exchange team.

The exchange, considered the largest in Latin America, has around 1.9 million customers.

Other exchanges around the world also promote actions for social causes. Binance, considered the largest cryptocurrency broker in the world, has a division dedicated to this theme, Binance Charity. At the moment it promotes a collection in favor of the countries most affected by the coronavirus.

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