In order to improve user experience, Mercado Bitcoin brokerage is launching a new trading panel on its web platform. The PRO version, which brings together the most advanced features on the market, will be released to MB’s 3.5 million customers, starting on June 22.

“We develop a product based on the needs of our customers. Our goal is to improve the experience, facilitate negotiations and deliver the best, with the most advanced features, to facilitate user decision making.”, said Sérgio Veiga, director of Customer Experience at MB.

New features

with a new layout, the panel has new functionalities on a single screen: Asset Selector, Chart and Indicators, and Trading Ticket, which brings the Stop Limita long-awaited feature.

Using the Asset Selector, it is possible to select which pair of assets to trade. In addition to buying and selling, the tool offers new options for assets and provides access to information that contributes to negotiations.

To follow the market in real time, just access the New Chart and Indicators. There are more than 100 options available that can help with assertiveness and decision making.

Another feature of the new panel is the Trading Slip. This feature makes it possible to create orders and structure operations. The user can choose between three types: Market Order, Limit Order and Stop Limitavailable exclusively for sale.


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