The Bitcoin wallet Samourai Wallet has just launched another great product: a smartphone focused on bitcoin and privacy.

Called RoninMobile, the smartphone comes in Google’s Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 models. But make no mistake, from Google it only has the hardware, the embedded software takes everything related to the largest search engine in the world, creating an Android smartphone without Google. As a result, the phone is left without any third-party tracking or data analysis.

This is done through the use of two privacy-focused operating systems: GrapheneOS and CalyxOs, which can be selected at the time of purchase.

The phone also has the Titan M2 chip that protects against more complex brute force attacks against the user’s password.

The novelty comes with several embedded software that help with security and privacy, such as Tor and VPN, bitcoin management wallets, 2FA manager, password manager and instant messaging app. All apps are open source.

Even the app stores, which can be F-Droid or Aurora, have a huge variety of apps. In the case of GrapheneOs, it is still possible to run the Google application store inside a “sandbox”, that is, applications and Google itself will not be able to collect data from the rest of the cell phone.

RoninMobile Pricing

Despite all these advantages, RoninMobile in the most basic version costs US$400 or R$2095.20 without taxes.

The price is not the cheapest, but there is a huge convenience of having a cell phone focused on privacy and with everything built-in. Despite this, anyone can just buy a Pixel 6 or 6A and add an operating system like GrapheneOS, but that’s not as convenient.

RoninMobile is only officially shipped in the United States, with no international shipping option.

This smartphone is yet another convenience for those who don’t like to have their life and their bitcoins spied on by technology giants.


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