Yeah, guys. Watching the live from Rocelo Lopes, CEO of Stratum Blockchain Group, I understand that he claims to have been accused of participating in a “crime syndicate” of crypto companies, by an Internal Revenue Service Auditor.

But let's remember some figures that show how wrong this alleged accusation is. The Federal Revenue announced, in December 2019, that R $ 14 billion in virtual currency transactions were reported, only in the period from August to September 2019. The Central Bank itself, in August 2019, included bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the balance. commercial.

Criminals declare tax?

Then, I ask myself: do criminals deliver a monthly statement regarding the movement and consumption of their customers? Are criminals paying income taxes? Is the financial movement generated by criminals included in the Trade Balance?

Of course not? Because you who invest, keep or bet in cryptocurrencies are, yes, obliged to declare income tax, inform your transactions and also pay income tax.

Rocelo Lopes, pioneer, businessman, employer, resident outside Brazil, “libertarian”, did not escape being persecuted, supervised and even embarrassed by the expression at least prejudiced about an activity for which he himself seeks, since 2013, regulation . He, who fights for the right of exchanges to have access to the banking system, to have specific regulations for the sector, is branded as a participant in a “crime syndicate”.

Chased businessman

In a conversation with Rocelo, he explained that, in the Revenue Audit Term, right at the beginning of the document, it was written that the Florianópolis Revenue saw, through various media, that an important cryptocurrency entrepreneur who lives in Florianópolis had his wife kidnapped with an extremely high ransom demand.

And he added: “Thanks to DAS Florianópolis, my wife was rescued and nothing was paid to the kidnappers. It is a pity that DAS cannot save me from the Revenue"

I ask you, the libertarian user, and you, the taxpayer citizen: are you willing to buy such a fight with the tax authorities? It is difficult for you to have structure for this. And when I advise my clients or readers to declare their crypto, it is because I see that this type of arbitrariness can reach them.

Rocelo Lopes is the first libertarian who had the courage to go public and say: “I was inspected","I was chased”. I dare say that in all my years dealing with income tax (and there are many) I never saw the IRS knock on the door of an individual taxpayer. Even in that, cryptocurrencies are innovative, huh, because they make the Treasury pay attention to you.

Even if you are small, if you try to circumvent the system, you will be caught in an automatic manner through the various crossings performed. And if it's big, don't worry: they'll find a way to reach you.

To those who have assets, family, employment and who cannot take up residence abroad, I recommend: do the least, but do not adopt the attitude of paying to see. Standing still, what you can do is bring the tax authorities to you.

The next could be you

And regarding the “crime syndicate” treatment, there must be a firm stance against this type of treatment. Do you, an exchange, a legal entity that generates jobs, that declares that you are an entrepreneur in Brazil, accept being labeled a crime syndicate? If the whole ecosystem that lives around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, not only brokers, but all entrepreneurs and users that operate in the segment, does not demand to be treated with respect, tomorrow it could be you in that situation.

I believe that the term may have been used by the Auditor at his own risk and does not reflect the view of the institution as a whole. But it does allow us to be concerned with verbal violence, abuse and, above all, with a bad fiscal interpretation of the acts practiced as an entrepreneur or investor.

So, if you don't die in this COVID-19 pandemic and, by April 30, do nothing about your income tax, get ready for a year not only known as the coronavirus year, but also as “the year of the CRIPTOATIVA fiscal network.

Here's the tip.

Declare your cryptography!

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UPDATE: Rocelo Lopes went to Ana Paula Rabello's channel to comment on the subject, watch:

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Text written by Ana Paula Rabello and originally published on the website DeclarandoBitcoin.


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