Bitcoin has dropped below $40K USD and entered a downtrend in the short/medium term, this could take BTC below $30K USD, what to expect from now on and how to behave in the event of a bigger drop in prices?

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Bitcoin is currently fighting at the $40,000 support that, if broken, will take the price to $30,000, if the price holds on to the support and goes back up, the target is there at $78 and US$ $80 thousand dollars.

For us to have this upward movement to $78,000, we would need a bullish pivot in the next two months on the daily chart, if we do not have this movement, it is dangerous to consider a trend reversal to operate in the short term.

Daily Chart (D)

At a time like this the best approach is to focus on asset fundamentals and Bitcoin accumulation for the long term. Thinking about a horizon of 4 years or more, Bitcoin has never harmed its holders and has largely offset the inflation of the period.

The best strategy for accumulating Bitcoins is the famous DCA (dollar cost averaging) where you buy Bitcoin every first day of the month or every first day of the week focusing only on accumulating without selling the assets for at least 4 years.

We don’t have any signs of a bullish return in the crypto asset’s volumes or in standard indicators, this is a moment of caution where only the long-term strategy tends to prevail.

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