The reference protocol development team at Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin ABC (ABC), launched a continuation of fundraising, establishing the final goal of R $ 17.5 million to be lifted up April 2021. The revised 26-page extension includes a business plan, detailed budget and delivery schedule.

Bitcoin ABC launches $ 3.3 million fundraiser

THE Bitcoin Cash Infrastructure Financing Plan (IFP) debuted in late January and was widely considered to be a departure from the community's understanding of how the development of the protocol should be funded.

The debate intensified as the details of the IFP were released, revised, changed completely and then discarded entirely by its author.

Protocol development is the part of non-sexy of cryptocurrency. It doesn't get the buzz of sophisticated wallet apps, privacy tools and the like.

It is something like a road that all users of BCH go through, take for granted, updated in the background. As unhappy drivers, they only pay attention when something is wrong.

Bitcoin ABC, then, is the team that maintains this road. Most analysts consider ABC to be the main reference customer for BCH, used by influential mining pools and exchanges.

When a problem arises, your team is called on to “put out the fires”, not to mention the day-to-day operations and corrections.

ABC was instrumental in the BTC's 2017 fork, creating the BCH, and faithfully executed each scheduled update since then.

After much discussion about how project financing would continue, the ABC team announced its ambitious fundraising claim:

“Bitcoin ABC plans to raise $ 3.3 million, or about 14,500 BCH, to finance its operations by the end of April 2021.

The team is offering a variety of financing methods, including: individual, small business and corporate sponsorships; financing buckets for specific development projects; and direct donations ”

explained the press material.

Also know Bitcoin SV, a fork of Bitcoin Cash:

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