‘Bit In Rio by 2GO Fintech’, one of the biggest events on cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Latin America, takes place this Saturday (26), in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at Windsor Barra.

The 10-hour conference will bring together Brazil’s top cryptocurrency experts, as well as international guests. The 50+ speakers will cover a range of topics, from the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse, Blockchain Games, decentralized finance (DeFi) and much more. in this link and registration takes place at 8 am.

Check out the full event schedule below:

Main Plenary:

9:00 am – Presentation

Presenters: Henrique Giron (Hathi Estúdios), Paulo Aragão (CriptoFácil and CervejaVerso) and Felipe Escudero (BitNada)

9:15 am – Lecture🇧🇷

Speaker: Carnak (2GO Fintech)

9:40 am – Lecture: Post-FTX Crypto Market: What comes after the biggest scandal in history?

Speaker: Marcello Paz (O2 Research and Crypto Select)

10:05 am – Panel – Present and Future of NFTs. What to expect?

Panelists: Caio Vicentino (MakerDAO Brasil), Kei Shiozawa (CriptoNinja), Felipe Franzes (Crypto Select), Gabriel Nunes (Carioca NFT), PUG Club Gang (artist from the NFT collection PUG CLUB GANG)

Mediator – Rafael Lara (BP Money)

10:55 am – Lecture🇧🇷

Speaker: Cyllas Elia (CEO of 2GO Fintech)

12:00 – Panel: Insertion of cryptos in sports. Future or present?

Panelists: Gui Neto (Vasco), Fábio Porto (Santos), João Pedro (Socios.com) and Michele Mafra (MIBR)

Moderator: Paulo Aragon

14:00 – Lecture🇧🇷

Speaker: Ney (Bit Price and Biscoint)

2:25 pm – Panel: Evolution of Crypto Projects

Panelists: Tadeus Mucelli (Polkadot), Amanda Camargo (Bankless), Andreza Alexandre (NOX Bitcoin), Isabella Kubera (SBT), Iara Thamires (Desvendando Criptomoedas)

Mediator – Rafael Lara

3:25 pm – Panel: Debate on regulation in the crypto market

Panelists: Alexandre Castilho (2GO Fintech), Priscila Maia (Bit Price) and Rafael Steinfeld (MyKYC and Fiscochain)

Mediator: José Domingues (Bitcast)

4:25 pm – Panel: The revolution called DeFi

Panelists: Felipe Escudero (BitNada), Carnak (2GO Fintech), Rodolfo Marques (Vamos Pra Bolsa), Caio Vicentino (MakerDAO Brasil)

Mediator: Marcello Paz (O2 Research and Crypto Select)

6:00 pm – Lecture: Bitcoin as a currency: Its importance for libertarianism

Speaker: Peter Turguniev (Ancapsu)

6:25 pm – Panel: Bitcoin: Adoption and its barriers

Panelists: Edilson Lauro (Digital Investments and KriptoBR), Igor (Crypto League), Rodrigo (Crypto League), Rocelo Lopes (SmartPay) and Fabiano Dias (Bitwage)

Mediator – Rodrix Digital

7:10 pm – Thanksgiving

Paulo Aragão, Henrique Giron and Felipe Escudero

Plenary B:

09:00 – Presentation
Elquer Carlos

09:15 – Lecture:

Speaker: Rodrix Digital

9:40 am – Panel: Is cryptocurrency an investment?

Panelists: Mister Faria (trader), Eloisa Godoi, Elquer Carlos and Denny Torres (investor and creator of the Dennys Torres channel)

10:30 am – Panel: Crypto trading via P2P – Current and future panorama of the sector

Panelists: Jessica Lima (P2P, trader), Fernando Limas (FORT Exchange), Rafael Felício (P2P).

Mediator – Elquer Carlos

11:20 am – Lecture🇧🇷

Speaker: Alex Nagatome (FORT Exchange)

11:45 am – Lecture: Memecoins and Shitcoins: from 100x to dust

Speaker: Cleo Valentine

2:00 pm – Lecture: Perpetual Futures Market

Speaker: Cristopher Vieira (dYdX)

14:25 – Lecture: How to become a Successful Crypto Speculator

Speaker: Matheus Braga

2:50 pm – Panel: The future of Play to Earn

Panelists: Arthur Campos, Ramon Cunha (O Pulo do Gato) and Rai Auad (Upland Brasil)

Moderator: Fernando Stuchi (Professor Channel on Web 3.0)

15:40 – Lecture: From Bitcoin to the Metaverse

Speaker: Fernando Stuchi (Professor Channel on Web 3.0)

4:05 pm – Lecture: Creator Economy: The future of influencers

Speakers: Bit das Minas, André Pannos (COBOGO)

4:30 pm – Lecture🇧🇷

Arthur Campos

4:55 pm – Lecture: How to Create a Collection of Outstanding NFTs

Speakers: Gabriel Nunes (Carioca NFT)

6:00 pm – Panel: FTX Failed, what happens to the crypto market now?

Panelists: Felipe Franzes (Cripto Select), Paulo Aragão (CriptoFácil and CervejaVerso), Marcello Paz (O2 Research and Cripto Select) and Jefferson (KriptoBR).

Mediator: Felipe Escudero

6:40 pm – Thanksgiving

Paulo Aragão, Elquer Carlos and Felipe Escudero

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