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Binance has announced that it will perform a system update this Friday (24th) starting at 23h, Brasília time and should last approximately 4 hours.

“During the update period, Binance will suspend deposits, withdrawals, spot and margin trading and all types of account balance changes,” says the statement.

Only futures and options trading will remain unchanged during the update period.

At the end of the update, users will have a 30-minute break to cancel orders, process deposits, withdrawals and use all other account-related functions before trading returns.

With the update, the exchange aims to add a new endpoint to the API, allowing users to delete all open orders on a given trading pair and also allowing orders to be canceled via the API during a BREAK or HALT status.

Finally, the company alerts traders with open positions in futures contracts to be sure of collateral as maintenance can bring high volatility to the markets.


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