Binance has just announced the launch of a new addition to the gaming and blockchain ecosystem.

According to a message sent to Cointimes, the world’s largest brokerage firm wants to “build the ultimate launch pad for NFT games and gamers.” To do this, it will take advantage of the Binance NFTs infrastructure to launch an Initial Game Offering (IGO).

Through IGO distributions, Binance NFT connects the global crypto community to high quality blockchain games and high quality in-game NFT assets. Binance NFT is a dedicated hub where promising game projects can develop and build communities. Our aim is to help strengthen the gaming industry and develop this sector to become more popular. ” – said Helen Hai, global leader of Binance NFT

IGOs may contain in-game assets such as early access passes, weapons and items, exclusive Binance skins, other cosmetics, and much more.

Binance NFT Announces First IGO

And the first IGO has already been announced, it’s DeRace with a release date of October 26th.

The NFT item game is a horse racing ecosystem, “where players can participate in horse races, create their NFT with unique characteristics, host races on their own NFT racecourse and earn profits in the process.”

DeRace Binance IGO of Horses
DeRace bets on virtual horse breed

To participate in the purchase of DeRace NFTs you only need to have a Binance account and login to the Binance NFT platform.

The game market using blockchain has grown rapidly. In Brazil, the search for this type of game surpassed even the search for more traditional assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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