The wave of "cancellations" of companies, institutions, organizations and people continues. In yet another recent controversy that moved Twitter, Sleeping Giants Brasil requested an end to the indirect sponsorship of Banco Inter for the YouTube channel Tuesday Free, understand what happened.

In a publication, Sleeping Giants Brasil, through its Twitter account, requested that Banco Inter withdraw the indirect sponsorship on YouTube from the Tuesday Free channel, presented by journalist Allan dos Santos.

Tweet from Sleeping Giants Brasil. Source: Archive Web.
Tweet from Sleeping Giants Brasil. Source: Archive Web.

The institution promptly positioned itself by blocking the ad saying that they do not agree "with channels that spread fake news".

After the institution's tweet was published, users of the social network uploaded the hashtag #CancelaBancoInter, with users reporting that they ended their relationship with the financial institution. Others, however, supporting Inter's initiative, indicated that they intend to use the bank to encourage their positioning.

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Despite the controversies, Inter (BIDI11) shares rose + 2.28% in today's trading session.

The alternative way out

As twitterers dishevel by canceling each other and the bank's shares go up, this could be a good opportunity to talk about Bitcoin. After all, why not? Bitcoin is a tool that seems to attract Greeks and Trojans, being a technology with an interesting property: resistance to censorship.

Here are two completely different examples of how Bitcoin can assist completely different ideological bubbles:

  1. Nigerian feminists ask for bitcoin donations after bank blocking over protests
  2. PayPal bans Olavo de Carvalho and conservatives, is bitcoin the answer?
  3. Maduro is using bitcoin in imports to avoid U.S. sanctions
  4. "I have stacks of money at home," says Hong Kong chief due to US banking sanctions

What is your opinion about all this? Does this network of cancellations have a significant practical effect or does it only increasingly segregate our society into bubbles? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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