Banco Inter intends to supply clean and cheap energy without the need to install any equipment or make an investment. This is done through a partnership with the solar energy company, Alsol Energia. The discounts offered can reach up to 15%, depending on your consumption profile.

You can consult your discount level and request your analysis by entering the website:

Print of the site Banco Inter

When hiring the service, part of your monthly consumption will be replaced by clean energy, which exempts you from some taxes and makes your energy expenditure cheaper, informs the project website.

So far, only the regions supplied by the company Cemig, in Minas Gerais, can request the service. However, according to the website, other regions of the country may soon benefit from this idea.

The solution brings a little competition in a market that is almost monopolized by concessions to state or private companies, which give control of a certain region to a single company, under the justification of a 'natural monopoly'.

The solution, if it has enough scalability, should lower the price of electricity for miners and perhaps even for the whole country.

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