Canadian rapper, singer and actor Aubrey Drake Graham (better known as Drake) has again lost Bitcoins (BTC) at bookmakers. This time, Drake bet just over $600,000 in BTC on the outcome of two football games.

According to the bookmaker, Drake bet on Arsenal’s victory against Leeds United in the Premier League and on FC Barcelona’s victory against Real Madrid in the “El Clasico” of the Spanish league.

Unfortunately for him, the club from the Spanish capital beat their biggest rivals 3-1 at their Santiago Bernabeu stadium. As a result, the rapper lost all the money he bet, keeping recent bad luck writing in football bookmakers.

Drake keeps betting BTC

The Canadian rapper is known for using BTC to place large bets on football games, and this time was no different. But this bet had a differential, since Drake closed a sponsorship contract with the Barcelona team.

As part of the deal, the latter put the logo of Drake’s record label – OVO Sound – on his shirt during the derby against Real Madrid on Sunday (16). And before the match, the Canadian bet more than $600,000 in bitcoin on the Catalan team’s victory.

The value corresponded to about R$ 4 million in the quotation at the time of the game. Drake also bet Arsenal would defeat Leeds United. Winning both bets would give Drake a profit of $2.8 million.

Arsenal won 1-0, but Barcelona lost the Spanish derby 3-1. After the game, Real Madrid took the lead in La Liga, while Drake recorded another unsuccessful sports bet with BTC. As a result, the rapper lost all the amount bet.

‘Drake’s Curse’

Over the past few months, Drake has placed numerous bets with BTC on assorted sporting events. But unfortunately for him, most of the results didn’t bring him any profit.

In March, for example, Drake lost $275,000 in BTC at UFC 272 betting that Jorge Masvidal would defeat Colby Covington. Covington won the fight and made Drake lose his money.

Two months later, Drake left for Formula 1 and placed a $234,000 (1.23 million) bet on Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix. However, the victory went to the German Max Verstappen, who would become champion this season.

All these unsuccessful bets brought the Canadian rapper a bad name. Some have noted that he often brings misfortune to athletes or sports clubs after interacting with them.

In 2019, French football player Paul Pogba became the first victim of the so-called “Drake curse” by posing for a photo with the musician. Days later, Manchester United (the club where Pogba played at the time) were defeated by the underdog Wolverhampton in the Premier League.

Later that year, Paris Saint-Germain defender Layvin Kurzawa took a picture with Drake. Shortly after, the team suffered one of its biggest defeats in the last decade, losing 5-1 to Lille.

UFC fighter Connor McGregor also fell victim to the “curse”, losing his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov after Drake supported the Irishman during the weigh-in.


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