Australian exchange Independent Reserve released a statement on Wednesday (27), stating that it will stop trading Bitcoin SV (BSV).

The company will end negotiations with BSV and its peers on March 28 and, from that date, will grant a period of 6 months for users to withdraw funds from the platform. After this period, withdrawals may be delayed and additional charges may apply.

In the statement, the broker claims that the decision is due to "recent events and due to the feedback received by the Bitcoin SV community". However, the decision angered Calvin Ayre, who is one of those responsible for creating the crypto.

Exchange BSV withdrawal irritates Calvin Ayre

Upon learning of the decision, communicated through a post on the company's blog and Twitter, Calvin Ayre answered immediately through your social network profile.

“I believe the broker received money from the Bitcoin gang to do this. This is an irrelevant exchange and hardly conducts BSV trades. They have received a little money and are looking to gain recognition, even if in a negative way. Ignore that ”, the businessman pleaded with his followers.

BSV is the 16th most popular cryptocurrency today and is quoted at R $ 884. It was supposedly developed to meet the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin (BTC). For BSV supporters, BTC does not serve the purpose of being a universal means of payment due to its high fees and the delay in confirming transactions.

Controversies mark the trajectory of Bitcoin SV

A few months ago, BSV occupied a higher position in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. However, some controversies place Bitcoin SV as a kind of “pariah” among a significant portion of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Craig Wright, who is one of the founders of BSV, is known for calling himself the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), although few people and publications believe in this theory. However, Wright has a habit of prosecuting those who speak out publicly against his allegations.

More recently, Craig has turned against, which hosts Sakamoto's original BTC document. The entrepreneur's intention is to take down this and any other website that refuses to remove the document from the air; he claims the paper is his intellectual property, since he is allegedly Sakamoto himself.

Because of the controversies surrounding the project and the creators of BSV, several exchanges – including Binance and Kraken – have withdrawn the cryptocurrency from its operations in previous years.


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