Bitcoin soared on Friday (20) and reached the historic mark of R $ 100,000 in Brazil. Not everyone, however, can jump for joy. Marketing manager Joaquim Folha, 18, is an example. He, like hundreds of investors, is a victim of Atlas Quantum, a company promised to claim to have an arbitration robot that has not released cryptocurrencies from customers since August 2019.

Folha told the Bitcoin Portal who, in January 2019, had 0.55 bitcoin (R $ 20,000 at the time) at the company, suspected of having committed crimes against the national financial system. Today, he said, the amount would be worth R $ 50,000 and he would have made a profit of around R $ 30,000.

Joaquim Folha, 18. Victim of Atlas. (Photo: Personal archive)

“I feel helpless”, says the company's victim

José Francisco Borges Marques Ribeiro, 39, is also a victim of Atlas. He told the report that, at the beginning of 2019, he had 1.8 bitcoin (about R $ 60 thousand at the time) at the company. The amount, he said, was a savings he was making.

“Today, if I had the assets, they would be worth R $ 180 thousand and I would be profiting R $ 120 thousand. For someone who is unemployed, like me, this is a lot of money. I feel helpless to not be able to recover what I had saved and I feel revolted by all of this ”, he said.

“Beat a sadness”, writes another investor

Francisco Eder Dias de Jesus, 38, said he invested R $ 500 in Atlas also in early 2019.

"The value is little, I know, but it is sorely missed, mainly because nowadays I am out of work and could, for example, use the profit to buy food and everyday stuff".

Francisco Eder Dias de Jesus, 38. Victim of Atlas. (Photo: Personal archive)

Jesus seeks work as a driver or collector. He said he knows little about finance and the default given by Atlas has pushed him out of the cryptocurrency market. "We end up losing confidence, right?".

In the Atlas Quantum Customers and Users Facebook group, other investors also regret the situation that the company caused. An investor who lost money in the fake company published the phrase “beat a sadness" followed by an image with the rise of bitcoin

Just below the post, another investor wrote that he had 0.8 btc in Atlas and that today he laughs so as not to cry.

“There was 0.8 btc there. 😂😂 You have to laugh not to cry. Unfortunately, I stopped investing in BTC to put in another investment that is paying off, but not as much as BTC is resuming. But it is part ”, he wrote.

Over a year without paying

Atlas Quantum, founded by businessman Rodrigo Marques, has not released withdrawals to investors since August 2019. It was in that month that the CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) banned the company from offering collective investment contracts.

Since then, the exchange has even tried to rebuild. Marques made the adjustments required by the regulator, acquired another exchange (which in the end was another supposed scam) and restructured the business. Nothing worked. The last attempt was Phoenix, which also did not take effect and, on top of that, turned customers' bitcoins into powder.

In São Paulo Justice alone, the company responds to more than 100 lawsuits.


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