Atlas Quantum disappeared with about R $ 4 billion in bitcoins from its investors, the company that promised profits from trade robots is being sued in court and the case reached President Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

Investor Gilliard Jorge, who claims to have asked for a lot of money from Atlas, came to President Jair Bolsonaro to tell his story and that of the other 40,000 families who were affected by the company.

With the shirt with the face of Jair Bolsonaro, Gillard approached the president, said a prayer, criticized the Partido dos Trabalhadores and the governor of São Paulo João Doria.

When speaking to Bolsonaro about the Atlas case, he apparently was not answered immediately. However, an aide to the presidency was interested in the matter and gave some guidance to Jorge.

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“Never did a pyramid get this attention”

– Gillard said happily after the meeting with the president.

Atlas lawsuits begin

Last week the victims of Atlas gathered in front of the Rodrigo Marques (CEO) condominium to ask for their bitcoins back.

Protests took place in several places in Brazil, including at the headquarters of the Federal Police and also at the National Council for the Public Prosecution, calling for speed and justice for the affected families.

This Monday, the superintendence of the São Paulo Federal Police received a complete dossier on Atlas and the R $ 4 billion in missing bitcoins. Despite this, Rodrigo Marques and the company's founders are still at large and with Atlas still in operation.

It is worth mentioning that bitcoin is just a currency that was used by the company Atlas Quantum, scams are also carried out in reais, dollars and euros. Bitcoin remains a transparent, secure and globally known currency.

Watch the full video here:

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