rtbag , a company that works with blockchain technology to offer solutions to art and culture, reaches the corporate world through Grupo Galicia. The collaboration takes as its protagonist the Argentine digital artist Marcus Wahren, known in networks as  @Marcuscus3d , who produced the work that characterizes the new cover of the 2022 ASG Report.
The ESG 2022 Integrated Report is a tool that seeks to communicate the economic, social and environmental performance of Banco Galicia, Naranja X, Galicia Seguros, Fondos Fima, Galicia Securities, Nave, Nera and Inviu. “Working together with Grupo Galicia in its first foray into digital art and NFTs is a sample of how the corporate world ventures into blockchain from different angles. The corporate sector is very important to us and we are working on various applications such as digital art, traceability, certification, ticketing, innovation and transparency. The future is with blockchain and artbag and Grupo Galicia are part of it”,  said  Martin Gonzalez, CEO of Artbag. Grupo Galicia decided to use a work supported by NFT technology as the cover because it represents important values, such as traceability, uniqueness and transparency. The work in question,  Convite , was minted on the artbag marketplace,, which runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.
The work stands out for its diversity of scenes and its inclusive approach, which is perfectly aligned with the vision of Grupo Galicia, a company that daily emphasizes the importance of environmental, economic, social, cultural, innovative and technological aspects in its business. “For this piece, Marcus is based on the principles of Grupo Galicia and proposes a symbolic, plural and contemporary habitat. A world on a scale where simultaneous situations are added, strengthened and generate unique spaces”,  commented  Pablo de Sousa, Chief Art Officer of Artbag. During the course of 2023, Artbag will present new tools based on blockchain technology that will offer more dynamic and reliable experiences, creating new challenges for various industries, exploring new scopes of NFT technology.

About artbag

Artbag  is a company specialized in blockchain technology that provides exclusive tools for the art and culture sector. Its objective is to be a bridge between these two spheres and generate value for the artistic community. His vision includes a world in which art is synonymous with well-being and is available to everyone. BAG | Marketplace BAG | LinkedIn BAG | Instagram BAG | Twitter BAG | Discord


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