A lot is said about tokenization. Much is said about bringing your business to WEB3, of blockchainizing the most diverse products and administrative processes. But, there are still few success stories that faithfully portray the laurels we expect from tokenization. And one of the main success stories is, without a doubt, the carbon credits market.

What is a Carbon Credit? A carbon credit is a certificate that proves that one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. Until then, acquiring a carbon credit was a deeply complex thing, requiring attending to the deep bureaucracy and being aware of the various certifications and regulations possible in this purchase process.

Two large and courageous companies, Moss, the largest environmental platform in the world to perform this service and Celo4 Earth, with a genius calculator that allows the calculation of pollutant emissions from companies and people, created tokens based on carbon credits, the MCO² and the CO²R. Through them, it is possible to acquire already certified credits, greatly shortening the bureaucracy in acquiring carbon credits.

This Sunday, 09/01/2022, the Rodrix Digital channel joined two experts from these companies, Fausto Vanin from Moss and Murillo Ferreira from Celo4 Earth to discuss the world of carbon tokens from 5 perspectives:

  1. What is a carbon token?
  2. What is the real use for companies?
  3. Is it legal under the law?
  4. Regulator’s point of view
  5. Project management

Through the commentary of specialists about these characteristics, two successful cases of a promising market are revealed, which is today a vital issue for the composition of a world increasingly concerned with environmental issues.

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Warning: The text presented in this column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of CriptoFácil.

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