As part of a new partnership with the Cash App, rapper Megan Thee Stallion is distributing $ 1 million in Bitcoin to fans via Twitter.

“Thee Hot Girl singer is OFFICIALLY on the @Cashapp team!” she tweeted. “To celebrate, I'm giving $ 1 MILLION in Bitcoin to as many cats as I can! I will distribute this million units until they run out, so put your cashapp ID below with #BITCOINMEG to get your share. ”

Cash App is a digital payment system similar to Venmo. The system is part of Square, which is led by the great Bitcoin defender Jack Dorsey, who happens to be also the CEO of Twitter.

Dorsey boosted Meg's ad quoting her in a tweet.

For those who don't know the rapper: Megan Thee Stallion is one of the biggest rappers on the planet. She received four Grammy nominations last month, and joined Cardi B earlier this year for "WAP" – one of the most played songs in the world for the past 30 years, according to the Billboard team.

Megan is the latest rapper to enter the cryptocurrency market. Lil Yachty spent last month promoting several cryptocurrency-related ventures, including his own currency (YachtyCoin) and an NFT auction. And rapper T.I.was arrested earlier this year for promoting an allegedly fraudulent ICO.

50 Cent was once a millionaire in Bitcoin, and artists like Soulja Boy, Eminem, Lil B and TeeJayx6 literally talked about Bitcoin in their songs (seriously).

Apparently, Bitcoin is also a girl thing.

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