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It is now possible to pay with bitcoin and altcoins on any Pizza Hut in Venezuela, as they have partnered with the Cryptobuyer payment platform. The famous pizzeria joins Burger King, Intercontinental Hotel, Traki and several other major Venezuelan stores that accept bitcoin.

Pizza Hut joins bitcoiners

The announcement came from Cryptobuyer on Friday (27), who added that in addition to bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, tether, DAI, binance coin and the Cryptobuyer native token, XPT, would also be integrated as payment methods.

According to a Chainalysis survey, Venezuela is one of the countries where most people use cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. In the country, there are Pizza Huts in Caracas, Maracay, Maracaibo and Barquisimeto.

The move is part of a June pledge by Cryptobuyer, which said Venezuelans would see more than 20,000 stores across the country accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies soon. This is possible through the integration of “Cyptobuyer Pay” in Mega Soft's “Merchant Server” platform. Mega Soft is a large payment processor in Venezuela, with an average of 18 million transactions per month.

Black Friday Coingoback

Cryptobuyer previously explained that stores using Merchant Server have the ability to accept more than 100 cryptocurrencies due to the company's alliance with the Japanese bitcoin exchange Liquid.

Merchants can choose to automatically sell cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies or keep cryptocurrencies in their accounts. Either way, it is a tremendous facility for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who do not need to make this switch themselves to eat pizza.

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