China’s largest cloud service provider, Alibaba Cloud, announced the integration of NFT solutions. Now, developers of non-fungible tokens can rely on Alibaba’s cloud solutions.

“Our customers can now build their NFT marketplaces using all of our solutions,” the company said.

This development is a step forward for the establishment of the NFT industry in China. According to the company, the solution meets the entire regulatory framework in China, which has not yet been fully established.

But the services are not restricted to China alone. That’s because the company declared that the integration of NFTs will be done on a global level.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud service provider as well as a subsidiary of the Alibaba B2B trading platform. Also known as Aliyun, Alibaba Cloud, founded in the year 2009, is based in Singapore.

The NFT solution is designed to provide a full cycle for entrepreneurs and digital creators. On the platform, any user can easily build an NFT market or set up an NFT collection. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out marketing activities and make them available to users all over the world.

Alibaba Cloud highlighted some of the benefits and advantages associated with building the platform. The main one and the advantage is the integrity of the platform ecosystem.

“Users have unlimited access to all the tools to build and create their NFT-related products,” he said.

NFTs on Alibaba

Some of the tools available to users on Alibaba Cloud include, for example, database and storage capabilities, security tools and enablements, a corporate cloud network and an SMS service. Furthermore, the platform offers firewall security, DDoS protection and a security center.

The Alibaba Cloud NFT solution works by subscription, with the tools for each one divided into packages. The full subscription consists of eight features with varying costs.

This integration of solutions for NFTs by Alibaba was seen as a green light for the market. This is due to the fact that the company is in constant contact with the authorities about the regulatory situation.

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