On May 11, CriptoFácil reported on Brasil Top 50, a Cointelegraph list that highlights the most relevant figures in the national crypto sphere.

On the same day, 10 names were published, covering the 50th to the 41st position. Today, May 12, another 10 names have been published.

You can follow the list updates using the hashtag # BrasilTop50. There will be 10 names released each day this week, with the full disclosure of names on Friday.

The 50 most influential names

The list will be divided into five publications containing 10 names each, which will be made available this week.

According to Cointelegraph, the goal is to recognize the efforts of companies and figures that have contributed to the sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Brazil.

It was also emphasized that the absence of the list does not matter in terms of irrelevance in the sphere. Recognition of the efforts of these 50 figures does not invalidate the rest of the efforts made in the crypto-sphere. It is an arduous task to summarize the greatest efforts in just 50 places.

The list comes at an opportune time. Bitcoin's third halving has just occurred, reminding its enthusiasts about the crypto proposal. A proposal in which the community actively participates, these 50 names being a reminder of what drives the cryptocurrency industry.

The Cointelegraph clarified the parameters used in preparing the list:

  • “Who were the most important people to the cryptocurrency and blockchain community in the past year?
  • Who do we expect to be the most important people for the development of this industry?
  • Who produced and created projects with the most significant impact on the national crypto ecosystem? ”

Regarding the names on the list, a brief description of their trajectories, goals and achievements will be used, and the opinions of these figures on various topics involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain will also be collected.

You can follow the list updates using the hashtag # BrasilTop50.

From Brazilians to Brazilians

In 2020, Cointelegraph published a list of the most influential people in the world crypto-sphere.

The current list, however, lists only Brazilian names from the cryptocurrency community, highlighting other efforts and highlighting the names of the national cryptocurrency and blockchain scene.

Supported by the community

Not only did the crypto community participate with opinions, but also with resources. Decred, which recently had an approved proposal to invest in advertising in Brazil, supported the Cointelegraph list.

In this way, the Brazilian cryptocurrency community is always participating.

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