Leonardo Araújo, president of DD Corporation and Gabriel Rodrigues, who now promotes E-volve (Photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

The E-volve platform may be the continuation of DD Corporation, formerly Dreams Digger, a company that is retaining the money of thousands of people in Brazil and is being investigated in Bahia by a financial pyramid.

The new company E-volve has been disclosed since December by former leaders of DD Corporation and the business is very similar to that of DD Corporation.

Bitcoin earnings, according to a video on the ‘E-Volve International’ channel on YouTube, will come from trading, arbitrage and ‘hodl’ activity.

On the company's website, the business is presented as “the most revolutionary tool for cryptocurrencies”; earnings, paid weekly.

According to the description of a video published last month, Evolve is the most “new project adopted by the leaders of DD Corporation”. In the images, promoter Rafael Silvestre confirms the deal and makes the invitation to register.

In a publication on Medium in December last year, Silvestre also gives details about the new company, whose subscription value is € 50 (about R $ 230).

Another point in the article says that “the owner is Italian and E-volve will be assisted by Leonardo Araújo”. Leonardo Araújo is the president of DD Corporation.

It is worth remembering that also in December, Araujo promised a new platform for DD Corporation – on the 18th of that month, the site went down permanently and indignated customers.

However, the name of the new website informed by the leader at the time (“netarbitrage.io”), has nothing to do with Evolve. In other words, Araújo will be managing two controversial businesses at the same time in 2020.

Thiago Avancinni, one of the entrepreneur's arms at DD Corporation, also joined Evolve.

DD Corporation, Evolve, and 7% yields

Although the promise of income at Evolve is different from that practiced by Dreams Digger (10% per month), it is still an uncertain business, given the negative history of the businesses already led by Araújo – ‘insolvency’, default and lawsuits.

Evolve offers 5% to 7% per month of income to its participants – 5% on the first referral and then the bonuses are transformed into a type of score.

Each euro generates 1 point. The promise for those who manage to collect 1,000,000 points, for example, is a car worth R $ 180,000.

The scheme is similar to that of companies that have already been investigated by the Public Ministry and closed by the Federal Police, such as Unick Forex, Indeal, among others. In addition to the promise of monthly earnings, there are also the famous referral bonuses, binary bonuses and team bonuses, typical of schemes that need to recruit new people at all times so as not to break.

Ex-Dreams Digger at Evolve

Gabriel Rodrigues, who reportedly made a lot of money on Dreams Digger (first name used by DD) – and squandered his rich life on social media while recruiting people for the alleged scam – is also trying to get more people to Evolve.

Also on video, Gabriel says that he is developing the new business. Even to show confidence, he makes – or simulates – an investment of R $ 100 thousand in the new platform (about ₿ 3.3).

End of DD Corporation

At the end of November last year, a statement on the withdrawal of withdrawals from DD Corporation shook customers who were waiting for money in their account in those days.

In a note, the company asked customers to change their passwords, as well as register a new bitcoin wallet and request the withdrawal again. She claimed the safety of investors as a reason.

A few days later, the company ended its activities and left at least 300,000 people uneasy about the uncertainties.

From then on, it went downhill. Leonardo Araújo, who appeared in the video alongside Gabriel Rodrigues showing all the security of the deal, exposed the end of the Bahian company suspected of fraud with cryptocurrencies.

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