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Adriane Galisteu gets an avatar to present the metaverse to the Brazilian public


Television presenter and model Adriane Galisteu announced the creation of an avatar to act in the metaverse in partnership with Mercado Bitcoin.

The celebrity avatar was named Galis and will be part of different virtual universes, with the aim of explaining to the public how to interact in these new digital environments.

“Metaverse is a topic that has been gaining more and more prominence. When I conceived Galis, I didn’t just want an avatar. I want this representation to bring good contributions to this environment, which can have a legacy”, defines Galisteu.

Bitcoin Market CMO Robson Harada explains the ideas that led to the partnership with the presenter. “The Galis project is one of our great initiatives in the metaverse. The idea is to bring an icon already known, and with a great reputation in the ‘real world’ to guide, explain and bring knowledge about Web3, cryptoassets and financial education in the new digital economy”, he says.

The executive points out that the metaverse subject is on the rise and that the objective is to simplify for the
people, bringing as a vehicle a communicator capable of translating to people what it is, how to enter and interact in these new universes.

“With initiatives like this, we reinforce our purpose of giving access, democratizing and simplifying Web3 for people. We are honored to be the vector of this project”, explains Robson Harada.

Created by Jacques Dequeker

The Galis avatar took six months to craft and reach its final form. The image design was done by the
award-winning photographer Jacques Dequeker.

“The biggest challenge was sculpting the face, giving it texture and realism. Then comes the conceptual part of make, styling and accessories, in addition to photography, lighting and animation. All this requires time, dedication and state-of-the-art equipment”, explains the professional.

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