Financial fraud and hacking in Latin America set a record in 2022. According to Kaspersky – a cybersecurity company – 2,366 malware attacks and 110 fraudulent messages (phishing) were blocked per minute in the region and it is estimated that piracy would be one of the most main causes of these attacks. The world of cryptocurrencies is not exempt. According to data from Chainalysis , the growth of crimes with cryptocurrencies in Latin America has been moderate, with an increase estimated between 2 and 11% in recent months. However, when talking about the types of illegal activities with cryptocurrencies that occur the most in the region, there is a significant rise in scams, which represent more than 60% of crimes, followed by the theft of funds (stolen funds) with a 28% For this reason, we must not lose sight of the fact that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has a lot to offer people in terms of financial inclusion, but it is necessary to take certain precautions to make the most of it. Without a doubt, exchanges -they would be like exchange houses in the crypto world- are the safest gateway for those who are just starting out in the ecosystem. Today there are many cryptocurrency platforms originating in Latin America, with a good number of users, a history in the market and a high volume of transactions, which offer reliability and are aimed at the Spanish-speaking market, with which they have customer service. in the country. It is through these platforms where a novice can easily buy their first Bitcoin, Ether -the two main cryptocurrencies in the market-, or stable cryptocurrencies (stablecoins) such as DAI or USDT, the most chosen by Argentines when it comes to giving money. first steps.

8 recommendations to avoid hacks and scams:

Secure and private passwords: Never share passwords. No exchange platform will request the key for any process. If you receive any message of this type, you have to turn on the alarms immediately. 2-step authentication: Two-factor Authentication provides a second layer of security using applications stored on your cell phone ( Google Authenticator or Authy are the most used on the market). A must that any user should use if they are handling personal, valuable or sensitive information. Be suspicious of offers with “Guaranteed return” or “0% risk”: Any investment based on cryptocurrencies has a risk associated with the volatility of the asset. As in any other type of investment, no one can guarantee a return, and if someone says otherwise, it is very likely that it is a scam. Avoid intermediaries: Use the platforms directly without the participation of third parties. Never share your personal photo or identity document with other people, except as part of the account verification process (known as KYC for know your customer) that the platform will request. Always use secure connections: Verify the connection network. Avoid public networks to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies. Beware of phishing: Phishing is a type of intentional fraud designed to steal private information. We must take extreme precautions when opening and clicking on certain emails or advertisements that we see on the web. Many people create cloned pages of other legitimate ones to try to trick and access the data and passwords of users who have cryptocurrencies. Find out where the exchange is: Many platforms originate from Latin American countries -because their founders are-, but the platform is hosted in parallel to the regulations of another country. If, for example, you are in a European country, the security regime meets the standards of that state, which are usually more demanding than in Latam due to the progress they have in the matter.

The most important: Check the security levels of the exchange

Find out if your chosen exchange has undergone an audit by a business or security consulting firm. Users need to know the security of a platform and the risk of cyberattacks. Mozilla Observatory is known for creating a tool that helps developers and webmasters around the world to create more secure pages. It operates by carrying out different tests to determine the operation, security and degree of trust of each website, also providing advice and opportunities for improvement. The CryptoMarket cryptocurrency platform , which has been operating in Argentina since 2017, has an A+ rating from Mozilla Observatory , the best in the ranking, guaranteeing a configuration that prevents attacks and provides security to users in each of the operations. “Mozilla provides an international measurement parameter that allows us to affirm that our platform is protected against malware attacks and information leaks. CryptoMarket users can navigate safely and reduce the risk of cyberattacks while trading digital assets”, explains Rafael Meruane, Master in Computer Science and co-founder of the platform. It is surprising that many well-known platforms receive a very low rating, showing a high degree of vulnerability.


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