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The Xangle cryptocurrency platform published a study with very optimistic results for the DeFi market. The survey conducted with qualified investors showed that 72% of respondents are interested in investing in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market.

The study was carried out with 379 qualified investors from the United States and aims to understand the investment perspectives on the part of institutional markets. Qualified investors are individuals or legal entities that have legal authorization issued by regulatory bodies to invest in certain markets and assets.

To become a qualified investor in the United States, you must have a net worth of more than $ 1 million, excluding the principal amount.

According to Lihan Lee, co-founder of Xangle:

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The research findings confirmed our belief that accredited investors are very excited about investing in crypto, but they are being held back due to a lack of regulatory protection, fraud, and a lack of awareness and education around the issue.

The main research findings

The study presented some curious conclusions regarding the position of investors. According to the survey, 87% of respondents know Bitcoin and 70% invest in cryptocurrency, however, 72% believe Bitcoin is a bubble.

The only possible conclusion from this is that many investors invest in cryptocurrency even though they believe it is or at least is in a speculative bubble. Other important conclusions were drawn:

  • Investors are investing more now than before Covid
  • Bitcoin needs to be less volatile to attract those who don't yet invest in it
  • 78% believe regulators need to protect investors more
  • 72% are likely to invest in the DeFi market
  • Bitcoin is the top choice for future purchases

For an investment of $ 100,000 over 4 years, 31.7% said they would choose Bitcoin and 29% shares.

A survey carried out by the Japanese company Bitflyer, showed that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became the 4th most sought after investment by investors for the year 2021. However, in this study, stocks are soaring as the most sought after investment by 54% of respondents.

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