The famous thought is that the cryptocurrency industry is predominantly male.

Last 12 months a blog post from the World Economic Forum asked why so few women were shopping for Bitcoin.

Grayscale Investments thinks the answer is simple lack of information. The organization behind Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and other funds related to cryptocurrency costs has commissioned a observe of investor perceptions of Bitcoin.

Grayscale determined that just over a third of US investors are inquisitive about Bitcoin (over 20 million people), and of this group, 43% are girls.

Given Bitcoin’s numerous investment traits to pick out from, girls had been much more likely than men to mention that they like the capability to put money into very small amounts (a not unusual false impression is that you can purchase a whole bitcoin, currently worth $ 50). 7,000 – that’s no longer the case), the ability to promote at any time (cryptography markets never “close” like stock markets), and they consider bitcoin is a excessive risk, excessive reward guess that has capability for very excessive returns.

The look at become conducted with the aid of Q8 Research, which surveyed 1,100 US investors (defined as having at least $ 50,000 in household earnings and $ 10,000 in domestic investment assets), elderly 25 to 64.

Certainly, being “interested” in investing in bitcoin won’t be much. Interest does now not usually lead to action. However, Grayscale sees promise in the seek results.


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