Despite the last few months of decline, the cryptocurrency market continues to grow steadily in terms of companies and new technologies. With this, new opportunities are presented to enthusiasts.

4 amazing deals on the cryptocurrency market

This “crypto winter nuclear“, initiated by the collapse of Terra Luna, left most of the cryptocurrency market in promotion. Currently, Bitcoin is almost “18% OFF” compared to last week.

Of course, it is not possible to predict whether there will be a recovery in the short or long term, nor which cryptocurrencies will continue to fall or return to rise. But the bear market gives us a chance to sift through the projects with real use cases, and watch the bubbles and unsustainable projects (like Luna) collapse.

The technology company Lunix is ​​launching a DeFi wallet application with several products integrated in an easy to use way. To publicize this news, Lunix is ​​awarding the 10 people who most invite friends to join the waiting list and download the app when it is launched.

Just enter, leave your email on the waiting list and invite your friends for a chance to win. The 10 users with the most referrals can earn up to R$500 in bitcoin.

Zero fee on NovaDAX

In addition to taking advantage of Bitcoin’s possible “promotion”, you can buy the currency with zero fee on the NovaDAX exchange.

the absence of trading fee for Bitcoin is a NovaDAX benefit for users to enjoy forever, according to the website’s official page.

In addition, the broker offers a bonus of R$10 for you and a friend, if that friend creates an account through your referral link.

Mouse Haunt Burn Event

Mouse Haunt is a play-to-earn NFT game that, to play, you need to buy mice in Booster Boxes. At the moment, however, there is a great opportunity to assemble a team or buy a mouse with specific characteristics to close the best synergies with the burning event.

There are 2600 boxes of NFTs in the “Burning Event” with prices set according to the rarity and traits of the mice in the game. It is an idle game with rewards in the MHT token.

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NovaDAX is full of news!

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil has now ZERO withdrawal fees in real!

NovaDAX also has zero fee for Bitcoin transactions and more than 110 listed currencies, with cash withdrawal available and high liquidity.

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