Have you heard of Kryll? Under this name, which means shrimp in English, hides the largest trading strategy platform, and it is French-speaking.

Kryll, the French nugget for trading strategies!

Have you ever wanted to use a trading algorithm? You know that very complex software that banks use to make billions of dollars? However, it is difficult to get down to code and learn to code in Python just to carry out your trading strategy. Still, having a strategy is simple, and with an algorithm that does the job for you, you are less likely to make mistakes and get caught up in your feelings, which are a trader’s worst enemy.

This is why the French Lucas Benevolo and Phillipe Longère created Kryll, the first automated trading platform in the world.

Kryll’s story began in 2017, when bullrun of Bitcoin. At that time, many ICOs were flourishing all over the world, and that of this little French nugget went almost unnoticed. However, they have been able to create a solid community that exchanges trading strategies via Kryll.io.

The specificity of this platform is the ease with which you can compose your strategy. By moving the different blocks, you can add indicators, tell the bot to sell if the MACD exceeds the upper edge of the Ichimokou Cloud, and more. It’s really like a breeze to build a strategy with this interface drag and drop.

Kryll’s success took a long time to overtake the simple trading community. The border is high for investors to cross. For many, cryptocurrencies boil down to investments through turnkey platforms like Binance or Coinbase. But soon enough, we all start to use the different indicators. And there, trading via Kryll becomes interesting.

The take-off of the KRL

Kryll’s story marked a turning point on March 27, 2021. On this date, cryptocurrency rose to prominence. Originally, other than on the platform itself, you could only trade KRL on HitBTC, which is not really a mainstream platform. This kind of configuration obviously slows down the adoption and rise of a cryptocurrency. But since March 27 of this year, the KRLUSD trading peer has appeared on the Kucoin exchange, which is one of the biggest marketplaces on the planet. More exactly the 4th in the world, with 2.6 billion dollars in trade over the past 24 hours.

This was a very strong signal for Kryll and his community. Indeed, if HitBTC is an almost dubious platform around which many scam and shitcoin gravitate, this is not the case with Kucoin. This platform, on the contrary, is one of the safest platforms in the world, and the corners which have reached the listing on it are among the most solid projects in the world. This is also the reason why the price exploded by 100% on the days of this listing. Since then, the big corrective wave that hit the market has not left the KRLUSDT unscathed. This has corrected sharply, and it fell back to its January 2021 level, around 21 cents of the dollar.

Objective moon

But recently the Kryll price has literally exploded. In less than 48 hours, the price went from 30 to 91 cents. That is an increase of 200%!

And that’s not all. Since the last time it touched its 20-cent support, the Kryll has gained 330%. It’s 330% since the beginning of October.

Transaction volumes have also exploded. While the volume is generally less than $ 50,000 on this coin, in recent days it has reached $ 5.4 million …

These metrics are particularly interesting. The current move on the Kryll may well be the start of a real bullish wave. Especially since it is part of the dynamics of Bitcoin, which has just broken its historic ATH and which is currently moving above $ 66,000.

Kryll KRLUSD Technical Analysis

The short term goals for trading Kryll are as follows

With the projection of Fibonacci, taking as support the level of 20 cents and as resistance the 82 cents, here are the 3 levels:

  • $ 1.07
  • $ 1.67
  • $ 2.15

The price of Kryll should gain these areas before starting a correction again. The next announcements could however propel the price of this asset well beyond these zones. The solidity of the project and of the community are its two main strengths. After 4 years of work and development, the life of the Kryll could very well change. Case to follow!


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