Bitcoin reached $ 1 trillion in market value on Friday (19). Having passed the mark, BTC is now the eighth largest asset in the world.

Much of this progress can be attributed to institutional interest. Companies like MicroStrategy and Tesla have taken cryptocurrency to new heights.

And it looks like this is just the beginning. According to trader and analyst Scott Melker, about 100 companies can bet on BTC soon.

Will BTC receive more money?

On Friday, Melker went to his Twitter to remember about the event “MicroStrategy World 2021”. In it, several panels on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for corporations were covered.

“It was reported that 2,000 companies attended Michael Saylor's conference, who was talking about how to include BTC in their balance sheets.

Even if only 5% of them do, there will already be another 100 companies buying Bitcoin. So far, only less than 10 have done so. ”

Scott Melker talks about the entry of new companies into the cryptocurrency market. Source: Scott Melker /Twitter

The trader known as Shardi B replied Melker, saying that Saylor knows that several companies will buy Bitcoin. However, he went ahead and bought $ 1 billion earlier.

MicroStrategy World 2021 was an event held in early February. This is this year's edition of an annual event already held by MicroStrategy.

As reported by CriptoFácil, more than 1,400 executives participated in the event. However, with the new data from Melker, it appears that the number of participating companies was even greater.

At the time, it was emphasized that if at least 1% of companies decided to listen to Saylor, a considerable institutional movement could be seen in the sphere of cryptocurrencies.

Melker's forecast was much more generous, also considering the number of participating companies.

Now, with the necessary knowledge, such companies can decide more clearly whether or not to add BTC to their treasures.

Also in February, CriptoFácil showed what could happen if the ten largest publicly traded companies invested in Bitcoin.

In all, if each invested 10% of their respective cash, it would be R $ 391 billion the largest in the BTC market.

In any case, it is possible that this value will be reached through other companies, even though the largest ones decide not to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

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