and evmOS partner to create Lif3 Chain, the first publicly available layer-1 solution

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By TP (LIF3/USD) (LIF3/USDT), the revolutionary omni-chain Layer 1 DeFi ecosystem operating on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Fantom via LayerZero bridges, is excited to announce its primary partnership with evmOS. The goal of the partnership is to launch the world’s first permissionless Layer 1 solution, “Lif3 Chain,” designed for public use with curated contract deployment. The partnership sets a new standard in blockchain technology and DeFi security. It enables seamless, secure, and efficient smart contract deployment while maintaining the highest levels of transparency and accessibility. The integration of evmOS marks a new milestone in the evolution of decentralized applications, providing opportunities for developers and enterprises worldwide.

Life3 Chain: the revolution of decentralized finance

“Our partnership with evmOS represents a fundamental advancement in the blockchain industry,” he says. Harry YehCEO of Quantum FinTech Group. “By introducing the world’s first permissionless, public-use Layer 1 solution with curated contract deployment, we are improving the security and efficiency of smart contract deployment and democratizing access to this transformative technology that is revolutionizing DeFi as we know it,” said Yeh. and Lif3 Wallet is a platform for those interested in the future of decentralized finance and blockchain. The commitment to continuous improvement and innovation positions Lif3 as a leader in shaping the digital economy. It stands out for its vision towards removing barriers to cryptocurrency adoption through the Lif3 Mobile App, a one-stop solution for onboarding, investing, trading, gaming, iGaming, and offboarding. “LIF3, equipped with evmOS, now supports two of the most trusted blockchain building blocks: IBC and EVM. We look forward to seeing LIF3 expand the DeFi landscape and open new doors for users and developers,” says Daniel Burckhardt, BD Director, evmOS.

Availability and efficiency of Lif3 Wallet:The self-custody wallet is now more accessible as evmOS further supports Lif3’s vision for a more simplified, secure, and interactive user experience.

Greater security: evmOS provides a secure environment for the deployment of smart contracts, reducing the risks associated with unauthorized access.

Public use and without permission:The industry standard EVM, brought to you by evmOS, democratises access to blockchain technology, allowing anyone to interact with smart contracts.

Deployment of Lif3 Curated Contracts: Ensures high-quality and verified smart contracts, improving trust and reliability within the ecosystem.

Innovative layer 1 solution: introduces the world's first layer-1 blockchain designed for public and permissionless access, setting a new standard in the industry.

Omni-Chain DeFi Ecosystem: Strengthens’s comprehensive DeFi offerings, enabling seamless integration across multiple blockchain networks.

Empowering developers and businesses: offers advanced tools and infrastructure to facilitate the creation and deployment of next-generation decentralized applications.

Web3 Advancement: Driving the adoption and potential of Web3 technologies across multiple industries including consumer DeFi, iGaming, music and entertainment.

Supporting the blockchain ecosystem: fosters innovation and growth within the blockchain community by providing a robust and versatile platform for development.

About the Lif3 ecosystem is revolutionizing the blockchain industry with its omni-chain DeFi ecosystem and curated Layer 1 blockchain, now enhanced by its groundbreaking partnership with evmOS to launch the world’s first public-use permissionless solution with curated contract deployment. The self-custody Lif3 Wallet, available on the App Store and Google Play, empowers users by unlocking the full potential of Web3. It transforms DeFi for consumers, gaming, iGaming, music, entertainment, and more. $LIF3 is currently listed on Bitfinex, Bitmart, and MEXC. For more information on LIF3, visit X | Telegram | Discord | News & Updates

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