Jessica Alba stops being the creative director of the company she founded in 2011

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Actress Jessica Alba (Pomona, California, 42 years old) announced this April 9 that she is leaving her position as creative director at the company she founded in 2011, The Honest Company. She reported this in a statement published on the company's website: «When I created The Honest Company, I set out to change the industry, and I can proudly say that we did,» explains the actress herself in the statement. “Honest has been a true labor of love for me, one that showed me what is possible when you infuse purpose into business. While it would never have been an easy time to make this decision, I know we have a leadership team in place to advance my founding vision and protect Honest's reputation as an agent of change in the industry. As I make the transition, I look forward to contributing to the company's success from the board of directors while redirecting my attention to new projects and passions.” A farewell that the interpreter has also shared with the more than 20 million followers she has on Instagram. The actress of films such as The Devil Got a Hand, Sin City and The Fantastic Four launched her company in 2011, the same year she gave gave birth to her second daughter, Haven Garner Warren, with her husband, Cash Garner Warren. The first, Honor Marie Warren, was born in 2008, and the third, Hayes Alba Warren, would arrive in 2017. Precisely, in 2008, and as the interpreter herself has revealed, the germ of the company was born, when Alba got a rash from the detergent she used on her first baby's clothes while washing diapers. And so the business arose: The Honest Company wanted to respond to a growing interest among mothers in the United States towards brands that are presented under the “sustainable” label, who don't mind paying a little more for toothpaste. free of toxic agents and thus prevent their children, and themselves, from being exposed to chemical products. The business started selling diapers and wipes, but over the years it has expanded to baby hygiene products (such as shampoos, bath gels or creams), children's fashion, decoration and even women's cosmetics.More informationSince its foundation, The Honest Company obtained significant venture capital investments that supported its expansion and development. In 2015, the company raised $100 million in funding led by venture capital firm Fidelity Management & Research Company. That same year, the actress appeared on the cover of the prestigious economic magazine Forbes. “A magazine like that, respected in the business world, legitimizes you,” she told EL PAÍS in an interview. A year later she even received a billion-dollar offer for the company. In 2021, the company finally went public, with a value of more than 340 million and which would earn the actress 100 million. All this despite the fact that The Honest Company also had to face some controversy a few years before, in 2017, when the company was forced to pay $1.5 million to alleviate the lawsuits it received for being dishonest with its clients. According to them, The Honest Company claimed that its cleaning products and soaps did not contain a chemical that it later turned out they did. Specifically, it marketed products free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a component found in most cleaning products and which, if used in large concentrations, can cause rashes. Well, this substance was in their range of articles, since the compound they used to replace one of their elements is SLS, so their products were not actually free of it. According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal in March 2016, tests by two independent laboratories confirmed the presence of SLS in Honest brand detergent. Something that at that time was denied by the company and criticized its «objective of damaging its reputation.» But that setback did not stop the growth of the company, a pioneer at the time in a market niche that, today, is already has become the norm. The actress, in fact, has announced her creative departure from the company at the same time that the company reported record profits for the fourth quarter of 2023. “Creating a brand and a business is fucking impossible. And being good at it is very difficult. I try to improve every day as a businesswoman, but it takes much more than taking your influence and your fame and doing a promotional tour, choosing a couple of designs and putting your name on the package,” she confessed in an interview with the digital magazine Romper. The actress has been the most visible face of the company for years, and also its best marketing tool, although, just as at one point she stepped away from the Hollywood industry, Jessica Alba has always been clear about her family priorities: “My mother had cancer at a very young age, just 20 years old. I grew up with a chronic illness. «I had five surgeries before I turned 11. I had chronic allergies and was hospitalized a lot when I was a child,» she revealed in the aforementioned interview: «I had a kind of revelation where I knew I wanted to live, thrive, and spend the entire As long as I could with that little person I was bringing into the world, stay with her. My health matters and I want this girl to be healthy. “It’s very, very difficult to be happy when you don’t have that,” she added. Maybe that's where the shots go. “From the first concept book I presented to my friends in Mommy and Me class to ringing the bell at Nasdaq with my family by my side, this journey has been the journey of a lifetime, one that only existed in my wildest dreams. savages,” he also adds in his farewell message. And she finishes: “Thank you for showing me that a girl with an unconventional path in business could help lead a movement for good.”