In Argentina they present a bill to regulate Worldcoin

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Deputy Carlos Puglelli presented a project to the Buenos Aires Legislature to regulate companies that scan people's irises for the purpose of collecting biometric data. As explained on the Buenos Aires Deputies portal, the objective of the project is exercise control about the activities carried out by companies like Worldcoin and make transparent the destination of the information that users deliver to these companies, in this case in exchange for a payment in cryptocurrencies. Puglelli's initiative proposes establishing a regulatory framework that regulates the relationships between the services offered by these companies and the users of the province of Buenos Aires. The idea is to guarantee fair treatment of biometric data collected by companies like Worldcoin and sanction any abuse by the company. “It is essential to adapt our legislation to the challenges posed by the digital era,” commented the Provincial Deputy for the Frente de Todos. He added that the Law seeks to protect the rights of consumers and users in an increasingly digitalized environment, ensuring the privacy and security of their data. According to the proposals raised by Puglelli, supervision of Worldcoin would be carried out by the Provincial Directorate for the Defense of the Rights of Consumers and Users. Its work would be aimed at “promoting fair and equitable consumer relations in the digital sphere, promoting citizens' trust and security in the use of technologies.” This is a proposal similar to the one presented a few weeks ago by deputy Romina Braga, representative of the Civic Coalition in the Buenos Aires Legislature. Although the deputy focused mainly on requesting an investigation into the project. As BitcoinDynamic reported, Braga seeks that the Legislature supervise Worldcoin. To do this, she requested the intervention of Axel Kicillof, governor of the province of Buenos Aires. This, with the idea that Be interested in investigating the actions of that project. In that sense, both Braga and Puglelli remember that, for more than a year, this cryptocurrency project has been operating in Argentina, so There are already thousands of citizens who have transferred their biometric data to the Cayman Islands-based company. Both deputies insist that “it is not clear what Worldcoin does with iris scans.” “This project does not have legal status in Argentina and is acquiring biometric data in a way that puts privacy at stake,” according to the warning. Adding to the concerns of the deputies was the accusation carried out by the Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the province of Buenos Aires, an organization that claimed to have «discovered the inclusion of abusive clauses in the Worldcoin adhesion contracts.» According to the Buenos Aires authorities, contradictions were detected between what was reported by the company and the data collected from the audits carried out in different locations in the Province. They revolve around the use, safeguard and storage of biometric data collected from Argentine users. Is about an accusation that was rejected by the company. In that sense, the team behind the controversial project assures that the accusations from the province of Buenos Aires have not been determined or confirmed.