How to create a binance account

Binance: A large exchange house with multiple purchase options

Binance is currently one of the exchange houses that moves more cryptocurrency volume per day. This platform allows us to exchange our Bitcoins, Ethereums or Litecoins in a large number of alternative cryptocurrencies.

What cryptocurrencies can I buy in Binance?

In Binance you can buy among others:

Bitcoin, TRON, Walton, Ethereum, Viberate, EOS, Ripple, Binance Coin, Stellar, NEO, Litecoin, ICON, Substratum, IOTA, Cardano, OmiseGO … And much more.

You can register in Binance clicking here

Step 1

Fulfill the form with your information

Step  2

Later, we will have to confirm our account through the link sent to us by email.

Once we click on the link it will forward us to the Binance website and our account will already be created, it will be time to login.

Each time we log in we will have to solve a security puzzle or algorithm.

This is one of the many security measures that Binance has to prevent attacks or attempts at massive attacks. It is protected against DDoS attacks and phishing.

Step 3

Account verification. You will have to upload your ID and a picture of yourself holding a paper with numbers provided by binance.

As you might know, so far it’s not possible to purchase bitcoin with euros or dollars in Binance, so you might need to buy it in Kraken o Coinbase.

Once you have your bitcoin in your binance wallet, you can start trading it for other cryptocurrencies.

All this process shouldn’t take you more than 48 hours from the moment you register and until they have accepted you. We strongly recommend you to keep your cryptocurrencies in safe places such as cold wallets.

Enjoy your brand new cryptos and keep them safe.

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