Five values ​​that should be taken into account by technicians this Monday

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Pay attention that Vidrala It is approaching the key resistance of 99 euros, the upper part of the lateral band in which it has been moving since the beginning of the year. Technical analysis

VALUES IN AN UPWARD TREND Exceeding this price level would be the signal that would make us think about an extension of the increases to the level of 103.5 euros, historical highs reached in 2023.


Indra It is trading close to historical highs. The company looks like it could be shaping a trend continuation figure. A close above 19.52 euros would leave the company on a free rise with a clear path so that we can see an attack at the level of 22 euros.


Very good signal in Audax Renewables which has managed to pierce the resistance of 1,748 euros. Pay attention that the formation of a pennant is confirmed and it is likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the increases to the level of 2 euros.


Solaria manages to break the highs of the last five sessions. Pay attention that it is approaching the resistance of 10.30 euros. Exceeding these prices would make us think of a rebound to the level of 12 euros. It is a value to take into account during the sessions.


Endesa It is piercing the key resistance of 17.45 euros. The electricity company has strength in the short term and it seems that we could see an extension of the rebound to the level of 18.10 euros.


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