After the successful launch of the IDO on November 4 where, in less than 24 hours, 50 million tokens were sold, on November 25 came the Vesting period for all those who managed to enter the IDO and were able to acquire their WX.

This means that during every minute until November 25, 2022, they will receive a portion of their funds progressively. That is, you have the opportunity to block your investment for 12 months to receive passive income.

These tokens can be claimed whenever the user wants, although it is advisable to claim within a reasonable period of time, since we must pay the withdrawal commission, and although in Waves they are one of the cheapest in the crypto environment, they can suppose an expense if we claim every few minutes.

The Waves ecosystem is already known to everyone, even so we want to tell you about certain strategies that can be carried out to improve your performance or if you are considering making your first investments.

We anticipate that today, it can be confirmed that the Waves ecosystem is one of the most consolidated systems, with more prestige and with greater security within the cryptocurrency sector.

We present some of the ideas to follow in your investments:

Invest in POOLS:

Whether you have knowledge of decentralized finance, or you have never interacted with them, you should know that liquidity pools are great investment opportunities in an environment like Waves Exchange.

Perhaps you are wondering what a liquidity pool is; It is a smart contract or digital smart contract where liquidity is provided in equal parts in most cases and guarantees the correct functioning of automated exchanges in decentralized environments such as this case.

Thanks to these POOLs, the operation of the exchange and all its services is guaranteed and that is why the Waves Exchange team itself offers APYs (or annual returns) with great returns on the platform itself.

We can provide liquidity in Waves, USDN or WX which are the native currencies of the WAVES ecosystem, with very high profit percentages thanks to all the capital that is currently entering the ecosystem.

As you can see, it is a great opportunity, since as it has been demonstrating over time, the Waves team has the ability to carry out outstanding projects and generate great benefits for all those who trust in their work.

WX lock

With our WX we can do different things, among them, hold them, exchange them, send them to friends or acquaintances, etc. Among them, there is an option for people who want to invest and improve their passive income performance:

Block the WX to receive gWX. And this means?

gWX is not a token or any asset that can be sold or traded.

The gWX represent your governance and empowerment power that you have on the platform. The more and the longer you lock your WX tokens, the more power you will have.

And … What is it for? It is used to vote on platform decisions such as pool APYs, new pairs to be included in Waves Exchange, or commissions to be charged to users. With the gWX we will receive different governance rewards periodically.

In addition to all this, with the gWX you can boost your annual returns from the pools up to x3! If the performance they offer by default was not enough, you can still boost your profits by buying WX and blocking to receive gWX.

The ecosystem offers endless possibilities that you only have to discover by entering its platform. What are you waiting for?







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