Global TradeATF online broker offers a high range of underlying assets that come from the forex market, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities and metals.

Born in 2018, the young platform is based in Limassol, Cyprus, and is operated by Hoch Capital Ltd., a company licensed for CFD brokers, provided by CySEC since 2013.

At Global TradeATF, new clients only need to deposit a minimum of 100 euros. But, starting at 300 euros, they can enjoy very low spreads.

The best platform to trade

At Global TradeATF you can trade through MetaTrader 4. It is an industry standard trading platform that allows private clients to trade and is extremely popular and well known.

With MT4 even novice traders can feel comfortable when it comes to trading, confirming the good reputation of the trading platform in the industry.

Also, chart analysis is possible with MetaTrader 4 at a level that many other trading platforms cannot match.

This is due to its basic equipment, which can also be easily expanded. Includes: 30 indicators, 1000 free user-created and 700 paid indicators, 24 analysis objects and 9 time frames, with a total of 11 order types, additions or execution types.

Also, it is very easy to expand in other ways, having complete packages that can be used for an additional fee.

On the other hand, Global TradeATF traders can search for plugins and other extensions in a very extensive MSQL database and thus easily adapt the trade to their needs.

It is also possible to program the relevant extension yourself and even make it available to others.

A great advantage is the combination of great popularity and a relatively common programming language, particularly in relation to automated trading.

With MetaTrader 4, there are so-called bots that can be easily integrated and then traded by the trader. Thanks to the wide dissemination, there are many of these small AutoTraders and even inexperienced traders can find the right ones for them.

Trade everywhere

Now it is very popular that traders want to keep an eye on their positions, or even open them while on the street.

But, many of the commercial applications are not easy enough to use, are not reliable or do not allow enough functions.

Global TradeATF does not have that problem, as it works with MetaQuotes and therefore allows the use of the MetaTrader 4 application.

This app is easily accessible in the Google Play and App Store software stores.

Thus, users can download the MetaTrader 4 application, but there is no explicit Global TradeATF application.

Although, with the aforementioned app on the Smartphone, you can easily log in with the data used in Global TradeATF and access your account.

The MT4 app also offers a wide range of functions. Traders can use it to carry out detailed chart analysis, open or close positions and thus keep track of their investments at all times.

Of course, the alarms can also be configured so that the operator can react particularly quickly to expected changes.

The tool is as functional and reliable as the desktop version or the WebTrader, which is also offered by Global TradeATF.

Once again, the creators of MetaTrader managed to gain a clear advantage over a large part of the competition in due course.

If you look at the experiences with the MT4 application, you will quickly see that there is hardly a trading application in the respective stores that meets a similar approval. Global TradeATF’s experience with this application can, of course, also be positive.

The MetaTrader 4 once again proves to be a very good decision for brokers and their clients. There is hardly an application that can keep up with the offer and can demonstrate its ease of use and reliability.

Silver, gold and platinum beads in ATF

Global TradeATF offers several types of accounts. With silver and gold accounts, you can trade as little as 100 euros, but the advantage in a gold account is very obvious: traders receive much cheaper spreads and a 25% discount on swap fees. For example, the spread decreases from 2.2 to 1.3 pips.

New clients are served by a personal manager and can use videos and webinars for additional training, receiving first-rate service. In addition, Islamic accounts can be opened.

The third option is the platinum account, which also has very low fees, with a minimum deposit of 300 euros.

In return, Global TradeATF traders get even cheaper spreads of 0.7 pips. The exchange fees are also cut in half compared to the silver account.

Also, traders have the opportunity to use a free VPS for automated trading.

Similarly, they can use the alarm function and receive information about course changes very quickly.

For its part, the platinum account has several execution models, but the broker remains active as a market maker.

This is why no matter how much a trader ultimately deposits, Global TradeATF remains the trading partner and there are no order resubmissions.

Basically, it is very obvious that beginners with no prior broker experience choose the Platinum account and thus benefit from the cheaper transaction costs.

How to get started at Global TradeATF?

Opening a trading account with Global TradeATF takes a few steps.

The broker added a step in which clients can now send copies of the necessary documents.

In this way, verification is much faster and easier. It is also possible to register and deposit money without these documents, but it is best to do the KYC.

Also, opening an account hardly works differently than with other brokers:

In the first step, the merchant is asked to provide their name, email address, and phone number. They can also select a password and determine if they want to receive newsletters and information and must accept the terms and conditions and other legal conditions.

In the second step, the broker checks the address and date of birth.

The third step is the usual questionnaire that brokers must use due to investor protection. Here he asks the financial situation of the new client to determine if the risk can be assumed by the trade. You also need to assess your knowledge and share your business experience. Your tolerance for risk is also determined. The questionnaire closes with information on tax liability.

In the fourth step, the merchant has the aforementioned option of uploading documents that can be used for verification. At this point, the agent points out once again what data the documents must contain in order for them to be verified. Passport, ID card or driver’s license are usually adequate.

Likewise, proof of address is required, which must be updated.

The new customer can make a deposit directly. However, you can also skip this point and log in with the data specified in the first step.


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