Champagne, cars, jewelry, Norma Duval and Chábeli: this is how a luxury house is sold

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Luxury has its own codes when it comes to selling homes and any resemblance to the transaction of a normal home is purely coincidental. The coming onto the market of these properties often becomes a true debut, in ceremonies where guests drink good champagnes and wines, taste carefully curated catering, enjoy live music, delight in an iconic Morgan car or They contemplate a work of art or a jewel. The methods used by super luxury agencies seek to generate the greatest impact on the wealthiest pockets. The first task is to make the house look impeccable and here home staging comes into play, a marketing technique imported from the US to which International buyers are very used to it. The aim is to create a neutral and depersonalized space. At Camino del Golf 42, within the elite urbanization of La Moraleja (Madrid), Promora exclusively sells a brand new home for 7.7 million euros. La Moraleja Home, which provides services to this agency, has been in charge of the home staging. “Everything has been included to complete the process: beds, bedding, nightstands, entrance console, paintings, lamps, office table, dining room, decorative objects and props such as Louis Vuitton boxes and bags in the dressing room” , says Gonzalo López-van Dam, director of Promora. Seven artists have collaborated in dressing this house, among them Bana Studio, who makes sculptures with books, Inés de Ciria, who has donated four paintings, and Felipao, known for his fractal meninas and bulldog, figures present in the homes of celebrities like Isabel Preysler or the Koplowitz sisters. At the entrance there are two Morgan models (PusFour and Super3) on display.The guests are treated to catering at the open house in a home in La Moraleja. It is time to show the result. On April 11, the doors of the La Moraleja house were opened, a day in which catering was served and attended by 120 people, including well-known faces such as Norma Duval and Chábeli and Julio José Iglesias, Promora clients. This company, for which each of these events costs around 4,500 euros, holds about six open days a year. “It allows us to generate contacts and business,” says López-van. The call is the key to success and, for this reason, agencies specialized in luxury invite the residents of the urbanization, who become prescribers of the house, the clients in their database and collaborating real estate agencies. Also “to law firms, interior decoration companies and others linked to the sector. There is a tour of the house and videos are shown about the quality of life in the area,” says Patricia Vida, commercial director of Gilmar in Estepona, a firm that has its own home staging department. For Codwell Banker, an American brand, These days are very common, especially on the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands. “It is a custom that is increasingly being seen in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or even A Coruña,” says Silke Dittrich, director of Coldwell Banker Spain, whose last event was in the Galician city and brought together 140 people. In very It is common—although more typical of closed-door and personalized events or for a select group of potential clients—to have collaborators who allow cross-selling. “Sometimes you can collaborate with luxury brands, such as jewelry stores, and have an event at your house with that brand,” says Vida. Jordi Bernadó, CEO of Bernadó Luxury Houses, also works along these lines: “On some occasions, and thanks to our synergies with luxury car brands such as Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati and BMW, we have presented certain models in a home. focused on a select portfolio of potential home buyers.”Iconic Morgan car, at the open day of a chalet in La Moraleja.Iconic Morgan car, at the open day of a chalet in La Moraleja. Last April, the launch of an 18th century farmhouse in Mutxamel for 2.5 million was celebrated. “It includes numerous pieces of art, so we looked for people who had a special sensitivity for this type of properties,” explains Valentina Sileike, director of Lucas Fox Alicante. At the event there was live music, catering and an exhibition with horses. “An exclusive property is a unique piece, it has no competition in the market. In order to sell this type of property, you have to create an atmosphere, trust, emotion, memories, positive energy in this property to transmit the dream that the potential client is looking for and imagines,” he adds. While they find a buyer, it is not strange that these properties They are the setting for photo sessions or are used for recording video clips or movies, says Bernadó. This is what has happened in the house for sale in La Moraleja, where the latest advertisement for Carolina Herrera networks has been recorded, which also serves to promote the house. Another essential leg in the sale of exclusive houses are high-quality photos. quality, videos – preferably cinematic style – and virtual tours. Today, the use of drones is essential to “show the gardens, pool and property plot aerially,” says Vida. Precisely a video of a night party in a chalet in La Moraleja allowed it to be sold for 8.5 million euros. It was purchased by a Mexican buyer without previously visiting the house. It was in June 2023. More than 200 guests attended the Promora event where there were cocktails, catering, live music, a DJ and gaming tables. The cost of these parties can be 40,000 euros, an amount assumed by the agency.

Magazines and influencers

“Brochures and advertisements in luxury magazines and specialized publications are also important,” says Luis Gallardo, CEO of Bankapital Premium Properties, who also works with “relevant influencers and celebrities in the luxury market to promote the property on their social platforms.” ”. “They are ad hoc campaigns for each home,” says the expert. Engel & Volkers completes its strategy with “participation in sector fairs, sponsorships or creation of content such as market reports or press conferences on exclusive properties.” Mireia Armengol, marketing director of the firm for Spain, Portugal and Andorra, indicates: “For us it is common to reinvent ourselves and give a twist to how to promote our properties in our portfolio so that they are not only mere sales operations, but one more story to tell. ”. Their last event was the presentation of the most expensive house in the history of Valencia: 8.6 million euros. There is no written rule about what methods to use when selling luxury and they will depend, above all, on the degree of confidentiality and discretion requested by the owner. “In our portfolio, what tends to be clients with off-market houses who prefer to carry out more conservative marketing,” they indicate at the luxury firm John Taylor. The international company Knight Frank is distinguished by its behind-closed-door events in different parts of the country. world. “An example is the event we will soon hold in Lake Como to launch a branded residences with Mandarin Oriental in Los Angeles and New York,” says Ana White, director of Premium Properties at the firm. Furthermore, on the occasion of art fairs such as Frieze (London), Arco (Madrid) or Art Basel (Miami), certain works are included in one of their homes for sale. “Everything is by invitation, and many times without guests mixing with each other,” says White.Objects for sale at the market that is being held this weekend in a 200-meter apartment on Condes del Val, 18 (Madrid).Objects for sale at the market that is being held this weekend in a 200-meter apartment on Condes del Val, 18 (Madrid).

empty the houses

Some luxury homes need to be emptied before changing hands. It is not surprising that they are full of collectibles, works of art, relics, unique pieces and lots of junk. The process of emptying a house is hard work. To prevent the objects from ending up in a clean point or in the storage room, you can turn to specialized companies that in one weekend are able to sell them and achieve a certain profitability for their owner. “A market is organized in the house itself and it is sold everything from appliances to clothing, cushions, sheets, a leaf blower, pots, tableware, coffee sets, books; «Everything imaginable can be useful to another person,» says Astrid Romero, one of the founders of Arquitectura del Orden. «The results are quite good, we emptied 90% of the house.» The company accounts for all kinds of curious objects found in the houses in which it has worked and many are collector's items or antiques. «From surgeon's scissors to a shovel for serving asparagus or brass toys, stickers, vinyl…» adds Blanca de Carlos, founder of Espacio en Claro. Thousands of objects are put up for sale that are previously appraised and whose price is Sale is well below the second-hand market. “Between 30% and 60% cheaper,” says Romero. Although the client has the last word. On the last day of the market, greater discounts are made on items that have not been sold. You can buy, for example, sofas for 50 euros. Follow all the information from Economy and Business on Facebook and xor in our weekly newsletter