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43% of Bitcoin Investors Are Women, Research Finds

The famous thought is that the cryptocurrency industry is predominantly male. Last 12 months a blog post from the World Economic Forum asked why so...
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Blockchain today is the internet in the 80s?

In the late Nineteen Sixties the net was created to be a form of communique between American scientific laboratories and was later elevated to...
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Kadena and Rymedi Partner to Track Blockchain Drugs

  The public blockchain network Kadena has partnered with the Rymedi Health Supply Data Platform to develop a platform for tracking pharmaceutical supply chains in...
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Bitcoin: Chinese province to control more than half of hash power

  According to Coinshare, the province of Sichuan in China is responsible for 54% of the chopping power on the network Bitcoin. The latest report from...

Bitcoin mining centralization reaches record levels

CoinShares, a digital asset investment fund, has noted this historic high since the company began monitoring the network in late 2017. A survey published in...

Bitcoin Market launches ‘bag’ of precatory tokens; understand investment risks and rewards

  <img class="lazyload entry-thumb td-modal-image" title="Bitcoin market launches 'tokens' of precatory tokens; understand investment risks and rewards" src="data:;base64," srcset=" 696w, 300w" alt="Bitcoin market launches...

Binance and Paxful Team Up to Bring Bitcoin to the Mainstream

  The Binance exchange and the Paxful peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform, both known to the crypto industry, have teamed up to bring Bitcoin to the...
ING bank crypto custody

Is ING working on a crypto-custody technology?

According to several people close to the file, ING launched an initiative to develop a technology for retention for the digital assets. According to sources,...
binance account banned in weibo

Weibo (Chinese Twitter) bans Binance and co-founder account

Chinese journalist Cindy Wang is reporting that the account of He Yi (co-founder of Binance) and Justion Sun (CEO of Tron Foundation) have been...
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Brazilian government hires Blockchain Academy

The Brazilian government has hired Blockchain Academy to provide blockchain technology training to Dataprev servers. The agency, linked to the Ministry of Economy, is...