Space Interior Design Architecture launches grant program to support EOS

The investment organization, EOS VC, has recently declared another program to remunerate new businesses and engineers who work around the biological system EOS. On...

What not to do after buying Bitcoins?

  Investing in Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly simple task, from billionaires to workers, everyone can buy Bitcoin with a few clicks. But what to...
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Russians are caught mining crypto with state computers

Two Russian residents are being indicted for supposedly guiding PCs from state associations to unlawfully mine cryptographic forms of money. The two unidentified people apparently...
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UK cryptocurrency broker excludes ethereum and will trade only bitcoin

Coinfloor, a UK-based organization and probably the most seasoned agent in the digital currency advertise, will close down Ethereum's exchanges and spotlight more on...

ZCore Launches Smartphone App That Enables Real-Time Node Checking

ZCore is a Brazilian-teamed cryptocurrency project that, according to Masternode Buzz, is one of the largest projects in the world in terms of users...

MicroBT CEO (competitor Bitmain) arrested in China

Chinese specialists have captured Yang Zuoxing, previous chip architect at Bitmain and current CEO-author of the organization MicroBT. He is blamed for having stolen...

Government will pay $ 2 million for Dataprev to block the IRS

The Ministry of Planning enlisted last eleventh the Company of Technology and Information of the Welfare (Dataprev) to give administration of access to information...

Venezuela will donate Petro to citizens registering for Petro App

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro declared last Friday, December 13, in a broadcast national communicate, that the administration is getting ready to give a Christmas...
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E-crown: Riksbank calls on Accenture for its crypto-project

The swedish national bank expects to work with the counseling organization Accenture on his pilot projecte-crown. In 2017, after the diminishing in the utilization of...
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Justice prohibits bitcoin company disclosed by Rodrigo Faro to capture customers

The Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP) precluded Investimento Bitcoin to catch new speculators and had directed the TV channels SBT, Bandeirantes and...