Call Of Duty developer account hacked to promote cryptocurrency scam

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This week, the X (formerly Twitter) account of video game developer and distributor Activision Blizzard was hacked. The attackers took advantage of promoting a cryptocurrency that seemed to be related to the company. The ATVI token was promoted in posts from Activision Blizzard's X account for the duration of the attack. They mentioned that said asset It could be exchanged for items from the developer later. According to publications made by the perpetrators of the attack, another company supposedly involved in the development of ATVI tokens was Solana Labs. It is responsible for the development of the Solana network and its homonymous cryptocurrency, known under the ticker SOL.

This post made during the hack uses the image of the protagonist of the video game Crash Bandicoot while promoting the ATVI token. Fountain: @ImLunaHey

The ATVI token truly exists on the Solana network, but Doesn't seem to have any relationship with the companies to which the hackers wanted to link it. None of the platforms involved have given clear statements on the matter. However, all posts referring to the ATVI during the attack were deleted from the Activision Blizzard account. The only one publication made by the company after the hack was to report that they had regained control of the account and that they would be investigating the details to prevent similar situations from being repeated.

Activision and cryptocurrencies

Previously, BitcoinDynamic reported the possibilities of Activision Blizzard approaching the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in its products after being acquired by Microsoft. This company had been showing interest in the development of metaverses, which, in turn, is a topic that usually goes hand in hand with distributed ledger technology (blockchain). However, until now, there have been no signs of progress in this matter from the video game developer.