Bitcoin whale accumulates USD 90 million in BTC in one month

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Key Facts: This whale's highest purchase was 123,128 BTC. Their purchases this month average a price of USD 68,617 for each bitcoin. Between March 6 and April 7 of this year, a bitcoin whale has accumulated 1,308 BTC, equivalent to USD 90 million, based on the current price of the digital currency. Whale is the name given to investors who accumulate large amounts of an asset waiting for an optimal moment to capitalize profits. The transparency of the Bitcoin network allows us to know the balance of each user in their account, even if their identity is unknown. In the particular case of the whale in question, he has used the address bc1qag725vjxxpkkl5gshfkye9xn4p5vklrlhgkw5w to protect his BTC. Simply search for this address in our preferred Bitcoin block explorer to see the details of each BTC entry to the account.

This explorer shows that the whale address has made a total of 21 transactions and none of them reflect exits. Just accumulate BTC. Source: A post by Lookonchain In X, which talks about this account, highlights that the average cost of each bitcoin purchased by the whale in the last month is USD 68,617.

The highest purchase was just over 123 BTC, made on April 3. Its value exceeds USD 8 million. The second largest is the most recent, made this Sunday, April 7, and was 113.7 BTC, which translates into more than 7.8 million dollars.

Bullish signals from whales

These massive bitcoin accumulators can be taken as bullish signals regarding the price of the asset, since they are interpreted as a high level of confidence on the part of investors that the price can rise in the short, medium or long term. The bitcoin whale reviewed in this article is not the only one that has been making moves to accumulate more. BitcoinDynamic published an article at the end of March about someone who moved 2,000 BTC to a new address. The coins were obtained 14 years ago through mining. According to trader and market analyst Alí Martinez, between the end of January and the beginning of February, bitcoin whales bought a total of 140,000 BTC. An investment that, at that time, was the equivalent of USD 6.16 billion.