“Bitcoin volatility doesn't matter”: Michael Saylor

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The volatility currently experienced by bitcoin (BTC) is something that does not worry Michael Saylor, president of the computer company, MicroStrategy. On a work visit to Brazil, the bitcoiner businessman noted that “the volatility of bitcoin does not matter.” For him it is simply something that must be accepted.. “If you wanted volatility to go away, you would regulate it. And when you regulate it, you damage it,” he told the press in the South American country. Bitcoin is precisely going through a moment of high volatility due to the crisis in the Middle East generated by the conflict between Iran and Israel. Bitcoin is currently trading at $63,000, as can be seen in the TradingView chart below. The drop in the last 7 days has been more than 11%. Nevertheless, Saylor has full confidence in bitcoin for the future, since other assets will not persist «in space-time like bitcoin.» In that sense, he considers that BTC «has a clear path to multiply its current value by 100.» He says this based on the fact that “there is now regulatory certainty and clarity around the world on two fundamental issues. Bitcoin is a commodity, an asset without an issuer, and its use case is as property. As has been demonstrated on other occasions, Saylor is an «evangelist» of bitcoin and In Brazil he did not hesitate to express that bitcoin is, for him, the perfect money. «It's like God came down from heaven and told you: I'm going to create a shared, immutable ledger system with no more than 21 million units and I'm going to keep your money in cyberspace. No one will ever deceive you. You will be able to move the coins telepathically and they will last a million years,” he asserted. Saylor also sent a message to those who have the idea of ​​creating a cryptocurrency. «The act of reinventing the real thing and creating a digital currency could work. But it is very uncertain. It is very expensive». He gave as an example what MicroStrategy did: “it created $35 billion in enterprise value by borrowing and buying bitcoin,” for him it is better to do that, he said. With the approach of the halving, an event that reduces the issuance of bitcoin by half and that will take place between April 19 or 20, Saylor said he is not anxious about the price that the digital currency may reach. In any case, he said that BTC will exceed the all-time high of $73,000 reached last March and maybe it will reach $100,000 by the end of the year. MicroStrategy, the company led by Saylor, has become the public company that has accumulated the most BTC. It currently holds 214,246 BTC, meaning that 1 in every 100 bitcoins is held by MicroStrategy. As reported by BitcoinDynamic, the last BTC purchase made by the company was 9,245 BTC last March.